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Bhootnath Returns is not as witty or humorous as it appears from its trailers. A film that could be entertaining all the way had it not lost its plot.
Apr 11, 2014 By Mansha Rastogi

The fad of funny ghosts seems to be catching up in Hindi cinema. Only recently we had Gang of Ghosts, a supposed comedy cum satire on the growing commercialisation of India and now we have yet another social satire, this time in the form of a sequel Bhootnath Returns. Sequel to the 2008 hit film Bhootnath, Bhootnath Returns promises to be funnier than its predecessor and also relevant to the current times.

Released strategically around the time when the election fever has gripped India, Bhootnath Returns is the story of a disappointed and embarrassed ghost Bhootnath (Amitabh Bachchan) who gets mocked in the Bhoot World for not being able to so much as even scare a child.

In his defense, he states that it was their flaut that the child could see him and demands another chance to redeem his lost reputation. He gets a chance to prove himself by scaring at least ten children and is sent back on Earth. However, sadly enough, he is too simple a ghost for children to be scared of him and what's sadder is that yet again, another child, Akhrot (Parth Bhalero) this time, can see him. Together they agree to help each other and their friendship sees them get involved in a cause that is bigger than they had ever imagined. To move ahead they will need to take on one of the country's most powerful and corrupt politician Bhau (Boman Irani). In a world, where a common man is afraid of politics, will a common man's ghost overcome his fear to stand up for what's right and fight against injustice?

Director Nitesh Tiwari couldn't have chosen a better time to come out with a film that revolves around Politics and urges people in its own satirical way to vote. However, what starts out as an entertaining fair turns into a drag preachy dialogue which neither caters to the young minds nor to adults.

The movie starts off interestingly. The concept of a Bhoot World and the idea to send Bhootnath back to regain the fear that's required to be a "Bhoot" is refreshing and interesting. Even the point where Bhootnath decides to contest for elections for there isn't a rule anywhere that the candidate needs to be alive and the way he works his strategy around is all very interesting. However, the filmmaker stumbles in taking it all the way. Half way into the film and you are put through enough sermons and election advertisement urging you to vote for a change. That's when not just the pace of the film slumps but also your interest in it.

Music by various composers including Yo Yo Honey Singh and Meet Bros is average at best with only a song or two standing out.

The film works primarily for the entertaining pair of Big B with the little wonder Parth Bhalero. The little actor is spot on with his mannerisms, dialogues and acting. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that he outshines even Amitabh Bachchan in a few scenes. However, needless to mention that Sr. Bachchan too is perfect in his part. Boman Irani too adds to the much needed comic relief but his portion is more evil this time than comic.

To sum it up, Bhootnath Returns is not as witty or humorous as it appears from its trailers. A film that could be entertaining all the way had it not lost its plot.

Mansha Rastogi