Samba Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2004
Jun 10, 2004 By B. Anuradha, IANS

NTR Jr yet again plays a larger-than-life role, but breathes life into it.

Director Vinayak is yet to come out of his "Aadi" hangover. You cannot overlook the similarities between the two films. The similarity is particularly striking in the first half where NTR Jr is forced to suppress his anger like the hero in "Aadi".

The film has all the makings of a winner. The fusion of bloody action, well-mounted songs and comic relief hits bull's eye at the box office.

Boomika is wasted in an inconsequential role and Genelia plays a typical glam doll. Krishna Bhagwan does not fail to amuse.

It all begins with NTR Jr. in a sari-weaving unit in Kanchipuram. When a local liquor don is arrested, his brother tries to forcibly shut down sari shops but is thrashed up by the hero.

Romance comes in, with a medical student calling up NTR Jr to tease him and discovering that he is the famous Sambasiva Naidu of Rayalseema in exile. She falls in love with him and even moves into his house, but he keeps a distance.

Then comes the NTR Jr.-Prakash Raj confrontation. The former vows to eliminate his rival.

The film ends with NTR Jr. bringing peace to the region after eliminating Prakash in a bloody climax and dedicating a quarry to education.

It is the theme of vengeance rather than education that dominates this entertainer that won't disappoint NTR Jr's fans.

B. Anuradha, IANS