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Fitoor  (2016)  (Hindi)
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Fitoor Reviews

Rating:  1.9/5
Nowrunning Critics: 1.5/5 | External Critics: 2.3/5 | Users: 3/5
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Nowrunning Reviews
Poor Charles Dickens! I am sure he never meant for Great Expectations to be a Bollywood romance. He called it a 'very fine, new grotesque idea' when he thought it up. Fitoor is this very finely shot, very bizarre breathy romance film which is saved by moments of true madness displayed by the brilliant Tabu.

Fitoor Review RatingManisha Lakhe | Read Full Review


External Reviews
Fitoor Review RatingShweta Kaushal (Hindustan Times)

Except for a few scenes, Fitoor comes across as a rather superficial affair and a disappointing adaptation of Charkles Dickens' Great Expectations. Melodrama and a superficial love story are some of the road blocks that hinder a beautiful cinematic journey Abhishek Kapoor wanted to take you on.  Read Full Review

Anna M.M. Vetticad (Firstpost)

Fitoor is dreary, gloomy and depressing despite the final crumb offered in the form of a happy ending. The film's technical embellishments are all in place. The production design is well thought out. Fitoor's primary problem is that it fails to conjure up the sort of passion that it should have.   Read Full Review

Fitoor Review RatingAnanya Bhattacharya (India Today)

Abhishek Kapoor's adaptation of the Dickens classic is laudable in parts. Fitoor, for all its spellbinding beauty, fumbles bad. The story meanders and loses way in between, and there seems a certain urgency in tying all the loose ends.Watch the film for its sheer beauty.  Read Full Review

Fitoor Review RatingSaibal Chatterjee (

A visual tour de force, Abhishek Kapoor's exquisitely crafted Fitoor holds on to the soul of Great Expectations and imbues it with the spirit of Bollywood without letting the essence of one dilute that of the other. It is packaged brilliantly. It also has epic sweep. But in respect of context, it falls well shy of perfection.   Read Full Review

Fitoor Review RatingRaja Sen (

Fitoor takes its own sweet time to unravel and the languor is unearned because the longing is unconvincing. Fitoor is a stunning waste of time and literature. What we end up with is -- at best -- a screensaver.  Read Full Review

Fitoor Review RatingShalini Langer (The Indian Express)

'Inspiration' Charles Dickens is just the first casualty. Fitoor spares no one, not Kashmir, not Delhi, not London, not artists, and not even poor Pakistan, which somehow finds its way into this tale essentially about love traversing social divides.   Read Full Review

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