Raja Rani Telugu Movie

Feature Film | 2013 | Dubbing, Family, Romantic
Raja Rani is average.
Mar 14, 2014 By NR

James (Aarya) and Regina (Nayantara) are two different kinds of people. They do not like each other but enter in to a relationship due to the force of their parents. They always quarrel with each other. James is a heavy drinker and always comes home late. As a result, they know nothing of one another. One day Regina suffers fits and will be taken to hospital when doctors inquire James about her, he realises he knew nothing about her. He slows starts conversation with her and comes to know about her love story. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Arya has done a good job in his role and Nayantara looked pretty as a wife and delivered a very good performance. Jai is hilarious as an innocent call centre executive Surya. Particularly the scenes between Nayanatara and Jai are very funny. Nazriya is seen in the second half and her role is very crucial. Santhanam manages to draw good laughs from the audience. Sathyaraj is good as Nayanatara's father.

Atlee, the director of the film have mixed results with the movie. There are certain scenes in the movie which are subtle and hard touching like Aarya asking Nayantara's phone number, Arya trying to impress her etc. But there are scenes as well which disrupt the flow of the film. The entertainment tracks also do not appeal to Telugu audience as they have Tamil flavour in them.

Cinematography is good and Editing could have been better. Songs come as a speed breaker and dialogues are good even for a dubbing film.

The above factors and presence of no prominent actor except for Nayantara may work against the movie at the box office. But if you are multiplex kind of audience, you can give it a try!