Identity Card Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2014 | UA
Performances may make a play stand out, not a film. Identity Card does poorly as a film.
Aug 29, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Considering the violence in Kashmir continues to pain Indians, you would assume more films could be made on various stories that can be set in the valley. While we do have a big-ticket Haidar by Vishal Bharawaj releasing soon, there is actually ample scope to deal with the emotions that can be cinematically brought to fore for cine-goers across the world. Identity Card though not quite up to the mark, is an attempt nonetheless.

This film deals with an issue that many people from the valley would relate to. It is a film that will tug at the emotions

The film is about three people - one ambitious journalist (Tia Bajpai), her guide and a friend - who are caught in a crossfire between Special Task Force and extremists and subsequently arrested by the STF on charges of terrorism.

It showcases the way common people face harassment. It dabbles in issues such as the armed forces' ruthless ways. A problem that has seen widespread protests in the state. That's the strength of the film - it does not differentiate characters on basis of religion. It is rather about ordinary people.

Too many loopholes in story and sloppy direction however turn this into a very substandard film. The director tries to tell way too many things. It would need a lot more effort and also a larger scale to keep the audience hooked. At less than 90 minutes, Identity Card still fails to keep the audience with it.

What does keep the film going are very strong performances by Saurabh Shukla, Bijendra Kala and of course Vipin Sharma. Rest are passable.

Performances however may make a play stand out, not a film. Identity Card does poorly as a film. While the story might connect with Kashmiri's on an emotional level, it would fail to touch a regular audience. Complete lack on efficiency despite having a decent enough story makes Identity Card just about average.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara