Kanithan Review

Kanithan is an exciting thriller that works fairly to keep us on the edge of our toes for most parts of its running time. The film deals about counterfeit certification racket, a plot which is hardly explored in Tamil cinema, save alone Shankar's Nanban which itself was a remake of Hindi blockbuster 3 Idiots. Director Santhosh, who was under the long time tutelage of veteran filmmaker AR Murugadoss, has definitely aped his mentor's tropes, screenplay pattern and editing style.

Gowtham (Atharvaa) is a journalist from Sky TV who, in order to impress an aspiring reporter Anu (Catherine Tresa), lies about his profession and brags that he is a senior investigative reporter from BBC Tamil to earn the goodwill of Anu. The initial few minutes of the film are the most intolerable part with run-of-the-mill jokes courtesy of Manobala, who plays the CEO of Sky TV whose TRP rates are dwindling by the hour. However, the film shifts gears and never looks back when it gets into the core plot of forging fake certificates.

Gowtham and his friends are picked up by police and questioned regarding their allegiance with the counterfeit certification racket. When they feign ignorance, Gowtham is forced his prove his innocence and find the real culprits behind the massive scam that jolts the state. The scenes are staged tautly till the interval block and make us guess what happens next with a nail-biting turn of twists and turns.

The same momentum is carried forward deftly by Santhosh's brilliant writing in the second half too. Kanithan is a mildly good example of how well a commercial film can be packaged within the confines of the genre. Just when you relax in the second half that the movie is going swiftly with its intentions right up its sleeve, Santhosh comes up with a hackneyed romance sequence between Gowtham and Anu followed by the mundane 'peppy' song to accentuate the mood of the C centre audiences.

The tightly etched cat-and-mouse game between Atharvaa and Tarun Arora, who plays the villain, is a delight to watch. Atharvaa as the brainy reporter who unveils the mystery by connecting various dots shines in his performance and Bhagyaraj impresses in his role as a cop.

Toting up, Kanithan is a fairly engaging thriller with impressive series of revelations when the film gets into its territory.

Kanithan is a fairly engaging thriller with impressive series of revelations when the film gets into its territory. (2.5) - SMK