Otta Mandharam Malayalam Movie

Feature Film

Otta Mandharam is a 2014 Indian movie directed by Vinod Mankara starring Sajitha Madathil, Bhama, Nandhu and Narayanan Nair. The feature film is produced by Ajay K B and the music composed by Ramesh Narayanan.

Release Info:
November 14 2014 (India)  
Language: Malayalam
Director: Vinod Mankara

Anguish of a 14 year old girl Ottamandaram depicts the plight of the Indian woman even the country's scientist's are on ... Show more

Anguish of a 14 year old girl Ottamandaram depicts the plight of the Indian woman even the country's scientist's are on the voyage to the Mars . The Movie visualizes the anguish of a 14 year old girl. The movie is themed around the life of Kala and her agony which she had to face during her life journey. She lives in a village thickly packed with ordinary people who work hard to earn for their daily bread. As being a village, there had been little scope for modernization. The only primary health centre and a government school give some satisfaction for the villagers. Kala, a student of this school lives along with her elder sister Neela and her husband Bharathan. Bharathan who works in a rice mill is a person with has no big dreams. Being much helpful to others, Bharathan is respected and liked by the villagers. Even though he lives only for the family, he is unable to find happiness as the couple doesn't have a child. So they kept their days joyful with Kala brought up as their daughter.

Being studious and good in extracurricular activates, the village kept high expectations on her. They wanted her studying well and becoming a doctor who would serve the village. Kala loved text books and invested her time for studies. But the fate conserved for her as she was forced to marry Bharathan, her brother in law. The rest is the pight of the village India, where still the lives are not at all beautiful. At the age of 14 , Kala had to bear the pain of mother which is a regular scene of the villages of India . Pregnancy and depression destroyed the presence of mind of Kala like many of the victims of the Indian childhood marriage. By representing the Indian agony , the character Kala finaly rises to new heights and become a nitingale of the times.





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Cast & Crew Details:
Sajitha Madathil
Narayanan Nair
Kulappulli Leela
T. G. Ravi
Lakshmi Sharma
Nedumudi Venu

Director: Vinod Mankara
Producer: Ajay K B
Production Company: Papilonia Vision
Music Director: Ramesh Narayanan
Song Lyrics Writers: O N V Kurup, Changampuzha Krishna Pillai
Cinematographer: Udayan Ambady

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