Indrajith Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | U | Action, Adventure
The movie suffers at the hands of an uninspiring and underwhelming film maker who should seriously mull over a career change!
Nov 25, 2017 By Baranidharan Sivasankaran

The movie's title brought me fond memories of my childhood; reason being, a Kamal Haasan movie 'Kalaignan' was initially titled as 'Indrajith'. Being an ardent Kamal fan then, I was waiting for its release. But sadly, my nostalgia was short-lived and ended up in an anti-climax.

Director Kalaprabhu, more popularly known to be producer Thanu's son, debuted with 'Sakkarakatti' a decade back. Now, he has come up with 'Indrajith', once again produced by his father. Incidentally both the movies had star kids (Sakkarakatti had Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Indrajith features Gautham Karthik).

Though I haven't watched 'Sakkarakatti', with the sort of picturization of songs and certain scenes I couldn't help sensing the amateurish and casual way in which the filmmaking was approached. Now, after watching Indrajith, I can reassuringly say that Kalaprabhu should do some serious soul-searching about changing his career track. Yes, it was that bad!

It was a treasure hunt sort of a plot. The treasure is some vaguely defined meteor which fell from the sky in the ancient times and preserved till now. The meteor supposedly has some unbelievable medicinal qualities. A group of archaeologists are in search of it. Of course, a rival gang (ASI) wants to swindle the meteor. The chase between the gangs was the shoddily served movie, that was thankfully under 120 minutes.

There were multiple problems with the script compounded by bad actors in misplaced roles. This must be Gautham's worst role and challenges the one he played in 'Muthuramalingam'. Though both are contrasting in their outlook, they were extremely bad in their own context. Underwhelming writing, a mockery of the screenplay and dialogues and misplaced comical lines were just some of the issues with the movie.

It was disheartening to see an actor like MS Bhaskar struggling in the middle of such clowns who seem to have no idea what they were doing. Nothing about the movie was genuine. The plot that was supposed to take place in Arunachal must have been shot using the green mat. The flight which was created graphically had a pathetic subplot and the animated dog that ran around throughout the second half added to the movie's woes.

There were supposedly two females in the movie - the first one, Sonarika, came in for some exposure, makes Gautham rip off his clothes after she finds out that he was stalking her (but what's the takeaway for us) and leaves, literally inferring that her call sheet was over. The next one, Ashritha, who seemed to think through her head was also reduced to a dud. The villains were anything but villainy.

Technically the movie was ridiculous. Pathetically animated wildlife and visually sore graphics made the movie sink further. Gautham, with his supposed slapsticks, makes it much more tedious, if not irritating!

Producer Thanu, with his clout, has managed to do some promotions through various channels and released the movie, in his capacity as a doting father. What else could he do? But, Mr Thanu, you can cleanse these sins by giving an opportunity to deserving youngsters who are constantly knocking the doors of Kollywood with worthy scripts in their hands.

Please DO NOT WATCH and encourage such movies!!!

Baranidharan Sivasankaran