The Xpose Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2014 | UA | Suspense, Thriller
It is so bad that it is good!
May 15, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

May 16, 2014 will be marked as a extraordinary day in India forever. It is the day when two Gujarati men are set to create history. While it would not be possible to forecast yet the political records that PM-probable Narendra Modi might create, Himesh will definitely succeed in his endeavour with his film The Xpose.

Wait; did I just call it a film? My bad! It's actually a statement written in bold. One that reads - "I don't care what your intelligence says. What I say is absolute. If I say this film is set in the '60s, it is! Even if that means you have to ignore the contemporary clothes and cars that are whizzing by."

The Xpose is supposed to be a tribute to the larger than life stardom of the '60s and '70s in Bollywood. It is an attempt to celebrate the most vibrant of ages. And it is also seemingly a tribute to the legendary Hitchcock (Trust me, there is a reference to Psycho towards the end), who made some remarkable whodunits. And to do this Himesh has come up with a script that is laughable and a screenplay that is incredibly hilarious - without intending to be so. And to top it up, they execute the story with production values that could put even the film industry in Malegaon to shame! Let's just say, The Xpose takes tackiness to another level with outstanding special effects and lack of will.

Or was this what they willed for? Maybe Ananth Mahadevan and Himesh Reshammiya wanted to make a cult classic like Kanti Shah's Gunda. There are so many instances of goofs that writing about all of it would turn this review into make decently long novella!

Highlight of the film clearly is Himesh's Ravi Kumar, the superstar. His dialogues, all delivered with a remarkable poker face, are meant to draw whistles. It draws laughter, in plenty!

Giving due credit, we must accept Himesh rocks as a musician. This time he outdoes himself. Foot tapping is passe. Now he aims to have you rolling on the floor with his songs too.

Just before our show started the Creative Producer of the film Rakesh Upadhyay decided give us a small introduction to the movie. He emphasized how they wrapped shooting in little more than a month and then finished the post production in less than two months to be able to release this 'periodic film' in time. I am not sure why they felt the need to release on this particular date but their effort, or rather the lack of it, is evident in the final product.

Do not get me wrong. I must say The Xpose is a complete paisa-vasool project. It was one of the rarest of its kind - the so bad that it's fantastic! I suggest go and watch it alone. You might make some new friends in the theater while laughing hollow at the film. A ticket is after all really inexpensive in comparison to new friendships!

Noyon Jyoti Parasara