Singham Returns Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Action, Thriller
Watch Singham Returns for all the entertainment that Rohit Shetty can bring into a film.
Aug 15, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Apologies. This review comes later than the others' reviews. I just did not want to catch the film at the press preview. This one I wanted to watch with the regular audience. Like I prefer most Rohit Shetty films. Quite frankly I had little expectations for Singham Returns. The trailer hardly interested me. It all looked repetitions. All hopes were banked on this director who I consider one of the best Bollywood has.

And yes, he delivers. He delivers in whistles by dozens and cheers by scores! Two examples of why I know I am not the only one who thinks Shetty delivers.

1) The audience could not stop clapping and whistling. And as the theatre extended the intermission time to accommodate more advertisements the audience demanded the film be started immediately. They were enjoying at as much!

2) My wife who watched the film with me called every policeman 'Singham' as we made our way back home.

That should talk about the kind of emotions and excitement the film generated. That apart, there are certain things that Shetty needs to be credited for. He is one mainstream director who has dared to introduce the language of the region where the story is set in a Bollywood masala fare. Agreed Singham Returns is formulaic at every level, but the fact that the characters burst into Marathi every now and then brings in a super flavour to the film. This he tried with Chennai Express too and earlier with the first Sigham. It is always nice to see the people of an area talking in their respective language rather than Hindi.

On the story front Singham is regular. It is the way the characters are built and dialogues they are given that breathes life into the plot. Screenplay writer Yunus Sajawal and dialogue writers Sajid-Farhad (whose directorial debut Entertainment released last week) have put in some decent work. Cinematographer Dudley makes the film look larger - akin to the larger than life character of Bajirao Singham.

In this film the small town officer Singham is transferred to Mumbai. Like Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg 2, this time around Singham too has a bigger villain to deal with. He is dealing with big time politics and there is a lot more at stake. There are many more characters, and impressively most of them are used to the best. Up to Inspector Daya [CID fame] getting to breaking a door! (Yes, this one got claps and whistles)

What also works in Singham Returns are powerful gasps of performances by actors playing smaller characters. Everything tidily adds up towards the end. Singham style.

Lead actor Ajay Devgn pulls of an impressive performance. Singham becomes him. He looks vulnerable when he needs to, and unbelievably strong at other times. However this time it is Kareena Kapoor who steals the show. Back in her Jab We Met avatar, only with a Marathi twang, this one is a delightful character and she plays it with aplomb. Amole Gupte is good!

Singham Returns is a proof the director's vision. He deserves all the cheers. Watch it for all the entertainment that Rohit Shetty can bring into a film. From blowing cars, to dialogues to hilarious moments this one has all. My personal favourite - a scene where Kareena suddenly gets famous and a restaurant manager asks for a selfie. You cannot not enjoy Singham Returns.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara