Vellimoonga Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2014
Jibu Jacob's 'Velli Moonga' is a light hearted entertainer that will surely have you leaving the theatres with a smile on your lips.
Sep 28, 2014 By Veeyen

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DVD Release: Dec 18 2014

'Velli Moonga' might not the kind of film that brings the house down with loud guffaws, but its a decent entertainer that is worth every penny that you spend on it. The story that it tells is not spanking new either, and yet it makes do with several, inspiring comic moments that are splattered through out.

Maamachan (Biju Menon) has been rechristened Velli Moonga by the residents of Udayagiri, where he has declared himself as an emerging leader of the DNC party. Though jobless, he makes sure that his presence is felt at every event in the village, and is goaded by his family to get married. At the church, he meets a girl (Nikki Galrani) young enough to be his daughter, and yet falls in love.

Maamachan and his assistant Tony (Aju Varghese) head over to the girl's house to try a hand at establishing an alliance. Much to Maamachan's chagrin, he discovers that his lady love is in fact the daughter of his old flame at school (Lena), and her husband Varkey (Siddique) doesn't take too kindly to this revelation.

Maamachan does win the girl, but 'Velli Moonga' isn't a film that is too much concerned with this romance of his. Rather, this is a sweet little film that makes several tiny statements of its own, without ever appearing to be declarative.

There are plenty of smiles in store, as Maamachan tries to make headway in life, much to the amusement of those around him. He deals with his adversaries and followers with an equal fervour, and do not be surprised if you laugh your guts out on at least a couple of occasions.

Here is a faint scent of a social satire in the air, and the assertions that the film makes are not pedantic at all. Instead, they are mere observations that nevertheless have a pertinent point to make. And of course, entertain as well.

'Velli Moonga' holds its own ground even in the flurry of new gen cinema that is creating waves at the moment. The film proves beyond doubt that cinema - old school or new - will continue to entertain if the language that it speaks comes straight out of the heart.

The script which is more episodic than solid, takes several minute detours every now and then, to dwell on the many, yet significant characters that take up the screen space all around its protagonist. The feel- good film also has a few heart warming scenes, set against a backdrop that is teeming with several characters whom you actually like.

Biju Menon has been aptly cast in the role of Maamachan, and gives it his best shot. He is agile, and throws in the right amount of suppleness into the role, that makes his performance appear truly unforced. Aju Varghese is around in a noticeable role, while Nikki Galrani and Lena make the best of their very limited roles.

Jibu Jacob's 'Velli Moonga' is a light hearted entertainer that will surely have you leaving the theatres with a smile on your lips. Having arrived with limited claims, here is a surprise winner that has hit right at the bull's eye!