Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2014 | A | Horror, Thriller
Machhli Jal Ki Raani Hai at best is amateurish. Save your time, and money!
Jun 13, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

If you go to watch Machhli Jal ki Raani Hai hoping it would be a horror film about fishes and water, you are going to end up very disappointed. Not that you are going to walk out happy with any other expectation. I am actually still trying to make sense out of the film.

One scene shows that the ghost likes fishes, as the possessed Ayesha (Swara Bhaskar) eats them raw. Another scene shows Ayesha get so aggressive that she almost rapes her husband Uday (Bhanu Uday). And soon after, it is revealed that there are actually multiple spirits trying to avenge their deaths. All these make me wonder which ghost is behind Ayesha's crazy antics. Clearly the writers did not intend to delve into any detail.

There actually is no definite storyline to this film. It starts with the story of a tantric and his family and ends being the story of family of an engineer. The screenplay is like the essay written by a five year old - one that starts with cow being a domestic animal and ends at Delhi being the capital of India. The essay would probably have some sense. Machhli Jal Ki Raani Hai has none.

Talking of the scare factor, there are instances when the horror in film grips. But the director gets into his act pushing in unwanted and tackily shot songs nullifying all the impact.

It is Swara Bhakar I feel pity for. This is one actress I have come to like for the kind of roles she does. She brings her honesty into this role as well. But the moment you ask her to do things she has never done - like dance to club song - she gets bad. The rest are no better. There is sincerity in Bhanu Uday and Deepraj Rana's performance but that hardly adds up to much. Hemant Pandey does bring in some laughs.

Machhli Jal Ki Raani Hai at best is amateurish. Save your time, and money! You might as well watch an old Ram Gopal Varma horror film on DVD.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara