Njangalude Veettile Adhithikal Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2014
'Njangalude Veettile Athidhikal' in all likelihood will struggle in theatres like uninvited guests in a party.
Nov 6, 2014 By Weekend Reviews


When the content is wafer thin filmmakers resort to gimmicks to make their films appealing. Veteran director Siby Malayil who is on a free fall for some time with pedestrian offerings, has not arrested the slide even a wee bit with his latest film 'Njangalude Veettile Athidhikal'.

Essentially a take on interplay of relations, the movie delves deep into the life of a couple with contrasting outlooks on life. Advocate Manoj (Jayaram) and Bhavana (Priyamani) share a love-hate relation which is worsened by the tragic death of their only daughter in an accident. Driven by the lure of lucre, Manoj is an out and out practical man. Bhavana on the other hand is a bookworm of sorts, living in an imaginative world. Their differing tastes make their life a mess.


Bhavana's dislike for her husband is accentuated by her belief that it was Manoj's carelessness that resulted in the death of their daughter. From the levels of a normal family drama, the movie attempts to become a psychological thriller. Bhavana develops hallucinations about her husband having illicit affairs. The arrival of her friend played by Lena worsens the situation. She adds fuel to the fire with her bizarre advices to Bhavana.

Things get complicated further as Narain's mysterious character arrives in the mix. It assumes an entirely different complexion as the movie tries to peel layers of the minds of the characters to make it look like an exhaustive psychological examination. But the script by Girish Kumar looks inane with an assembly of scenes that has little spark. The ending has resemblance to an all-time classic and is a real downer.

Jayaram is one actor who has stubbornly refused to grow. The predictability of his characters was evident even during his heydays. Here he just repeats his trademark style. Priyamani tries to revive a stillborn character. Shajon provides comic relief and is one of the saving graces of the movie. Narain is wasted, while Lena looks convincing. Other actors just make up the number.

Technically the movie doesn't bear the stamp of an experienced director. 'Njangalude Veettile Athidhikal' in all likelihood will struggle in theatres like uninvited guests in a party.

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