Talaash Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2003
Oct 19, 2002 By Ajay S

Talaash has no story. Darshan seems undecided whether to focus on the main plot (Akshay Kumar's search for his sister) or the love angle (between Akshay and Kareena Kapoor). The result is that he goofs up on both fronts and you have one confused film.

Come to think of it, audiences will be confused too.

The performances are terrible. Raakhee, Dalip Tahil and Ashish Vidyarthi are wasted. Akshay Kumar is sincere. But since when was flexing muscles a standard for good acting?

In a recent interview, Darshan said he was proud of Kareena's performance in the film. I wonder what exactly he was proud of. That she showed a lot of skin? Or that she pouted and preened enough? Her contribution is just what the posters indicate: decorating Akshay's arms.

The songs, besides being boring, pop up at the wrong places and slacken the film's already tepid pace. Sanjeev-Darshan would do better to stop imitating their father Shravan (one-half of Nadeem-Shravan) and compose something original.

2003's first big release was looked on by the industry as a prospective hit. For me, it is an unqualified flop.

Ajay S