Hey Bro Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2015 | UA | Drama
Riddled with unnecessary scenes, Hey Bro is a comedy that does not make you laugh. You could easily avoid this film which looks more like a hangover of '90s.
Mar 7, 2015 By Noyon Jyoti

It is an amazing weekend at the box office. First we have a KC Bokadia release. Next we have Ajay Chandok, who could easily be Bokadia's successor in filmmaking. Like Bokadia, Chandok too makes flops. Like Bokadia, Chandok too manages to find money to make his films despite those flops... much to the dismay of better, jobless filmmakers.

Chandok has earlier made films such as Nehhle Pe Dehhla, Chatur Singh Two Star and Team: The Force. Hey Bro could be his tribute to David Dhawan's 'Judwaa', in which Chandok worked as the chief assistant director. Ganesh Acharya happened to be the choreographer in the '90s blockbuster starring Salman Khan. Maybe it was their secret wish... to someday make a film on twins who did not look similar, a departure from the cliched Bollywood twin saga. But then Mansoor Khan had already done it in Josh, which featured Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai as twins.

Hey Bro is the story of a bulky Gopi (Ganesh Acharya) who has just discovered that he has a twin brother who stays with their mother in Mumbai. Their parents had a divorce following which the two kids were separated. With no photograph of his brother to his aid Gopi goes to Mumbai in search of his family, hoping that his twin would look just like him. Much to his dismay, his twin Shiv, played by Maninder Singh, has no resemblance to him. This was one is a fit as a needle police officer.

In his search Gopi crosses path with a baddie called Baba (Hanif Hilal). He ticks the baddie off and now the baddie wants to fix Gopi. Interestingly Shiv also happens to be working to eliminate Baba.

Hey Bro is a comedy. It is designed to be one at least. In the effort to make it one, the writers indulge their idea of funny. The screenplay is riddled with forced scenes, only a few of which would actually manage to make you laugh. The 'twists' in the plotline are as predictable as they could get. Also throw in a gorgeous Nupur Sharma to add some glitz. Glitz is all she adds, because sense is beyond what you could ask for. She adds nothing the story except her midriff.

Equally agonizing is Ganesh Acharya as an actor. He had earlier managed to be the eye-sore in ABCD. But there he had a small role and dance took over. I almost wished that the number of guest appearances - Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Govinda, Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh, Prabhu Dheva and Mahie Gill - were extended so that I could get some worth of the money I paid for the ticket. Among performances, Maninder is probably the only one who manages to stand. This actor was in fact launched in Ganesh's directorial debut Swami (2007)... hopefully he gets better films.

The one good thing about Hey Bro was pointed out by a fellow watcher - it actually tried to make a plus size person a hero in an industry which usually utilizes overweight actors for comedy. But that does not make the film any better.

Hey Bro is a film where Chandok tries to evoke comedy out of everything he could think of - sound effects to lyrics. My advice to Chandok - Please get rid of the '90s hangover because the audience did that a decade back. Suggestion to the audience - would you mind saving you money?

Noyon Jyoti