ZiD Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2014 | A | Drama, Romance
Not getting enough sleep? This could be your medicine without side-effects.
Nov 28, 2014 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

It must take special talent to mess up this big. Zid is supposed to be the remake of 2011 German film The Good Neighbour. But then how do we blame a director who has washed off his hands off the film months before its release.

Who then made the film?

Not a question that should bother you as an audience. What should bother is... should you spend money on it. You may actually, if you are craving for needless skin show on screen.

So what is Zid all about?

To me it appears as one man's zid to make a product that can make some money, regardless of quality. It seems like one man's desperate attempt to make something that others have been making money off... and losing way.

The story of Zid is twisted. A heart-broken crime reporter called Ronnie takes up a rented house by the sea with his little pup. The landlord's young daughter Maya is smitten and soon obsessed - obsession that will bore you rather than scare you. Things set into action when there is an accident that both Ronnie and Maya are involved in. Secrets and murders later the story moves towards what the writers would like to believe an absolute jaw-dropper. It does drop your jaw... more for a yawn than in awe!

Zid is pretty botched up screenplay. Sensibility makes way for eroticism. The number of loopholes in the film make it an unintentional comedy. It is a thriller with nil thrill, and unfortunately the eroticism does not work either. What does excite you instead are the beautiful locales and excellent looking shots. [Yes I am sucker for scenic locations]

The actors do not help. Newbie Mannara shows some spark but is not quite exploited the right way. Karanavir needs to find some source of energy.

Zid is one of those films that fall into my 'yawn-inducing' list. Not getting enough sleep? This could be your medicine without side-effects.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara