Tamasha Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2015 | Drama, Romance
There will be plenty reasons to watch this beautifully shot film. This is one of the good films of this year.
Nov 28, 2015 By Shishir Gautam

Throughout the promotions of Tamasha a simple question has been raised through the trailers - Why always the same story? In the film Imtiaz Ali takes that same premise, turns it on its head and then explains why the same story!

Right at the very beginning director decodes the very basis of some of the most epic lores from Ramayan to Helen of Troy, pointing at common elements. And this is the very base of not just the story of Tamasha, but also helps build his protagonist.

In structure Tamasha is no different from Imtiaz's Love Aaj Kal or any of his other films. Guy meets girl, they have time of their lives, depart, realise and get back. But he decides to deal with a couple of questions that are often seen in reel as well as real lives. The apparent 'change' that people go through after the initial honeymoon phase. Through Imtiaz's eyes, the mechanizing of lives as we get along with chores of life as love and passion take a backseat. And as he does it he even treads into the 3 Idiots space of following your heart rather being a part of a race which we cannot win.

Imtiaz places two of the most competent actors we have from the current generation - Ranbir and Deepika - on screen to put his vision in act. And he is not let down. Ranbir proves his mettle yet again, as he delivers remarkable emotions scene after scene. But it is Deepika, who seems to be only getting better. The film's most memorable scenes are with her.

So Don and Mona darling meets in the distant French island Corsica. Sometimes Don turns into an interpol officers which Mona turns into someone else. For seven days on that island they never for once become what they actually are.Ved and Tara. And they depart. Love strikes only then..

Imtiaz uses AR Rahman to the best as some beautiful songs used to traverse time - the way Imtiaz has always done in his films. Be in with Sadda Haq in Rockstar or Main Kya Hoon in Love Aaj Kal. Considering Tamasha is set across quite a few years, the some method is using more than once.

Of course at almost two and half hours Tamasha could be longer than what you are used to these days, but it never bores. If at all, it only makes you marvel at the director's ability to understand emotions and human behavior as well. And he displays it in quite a few scenes - Tara's excitement when she meet Ved again, Ved's reaction when he meets Tara first, Tara and Ved's breakdown at a cafe, Ved's reaction to a particular word used by Tara... list goes on.

There will be plenty reasons to watch this beautifully shot film [DOP, Ravi varman]. But let's not get into too many of them. Let's just say, this is one of the good films of this year.

Shishir Gautam