Chellamae Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
Sep 3, 2004 By IANS

Aa technically perfect thriller well done by Gandhi Krishna mostly with new comers. A possessive young villain whose acts are defeated by true love and spirit.

Thanks to A.R.Gandhi Krishna and mainly to Reema Sen for a consistent and impressive performance. New comer Vishal has done a promising role along with Bharat of Boys and 4 Students who excels as the obsessed lover but innocent.

Viswa (Bharat) and Mythili (Reema Sen) are neighbors since childhood. Mythili is affectionate and caring to Bharat who lost his mother as a young boy. Rajasekhar (Girish Karnad), a rich business tycoon, is Vishwa'a father. Vishal , an income tax officer, raids Girish Karnad's house and happens to meet Mythili (Reema) there. They eventually fall in love, get married and settles in Goa.

Obessesd by Mythili, Viswa shows up in Goa and kidnaps Mythili to Chennai while Vishal was away from home. The reasons for Viswa's obsession is unfold during the movie.

Vishal comes back to Goa to find that Mythili is missing. The next door neighbor tells him that Reema eloped with Bharat. Vishal with the help of Vivek his collegue, tries to tracks Mythilli and Viswa. On watching their wedding video Vishal gets clue on Bharat's hatred towards Vishal and realises that Mythili is kidnapped. Finally he tracks Viswa to his location.

Mythili pleads Viswa to release her. She makes it clear that she cannot be his wife. In a thrilling climax on high seas the thrio fights it out and Mythili hits Viswa with the boat oar. He falls in to the sea taking Mythili with him. Vishal comes to the rescue and saves her.

K.V.Anand's lighting and camera are superb. Harris Jayaraj's music is a perfect match for the film.