Fraud Saiyaan Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy, Drama
Women across the heartland of the country are so sexually starved the want to keep Arshad Warsi the conman and given him all the money they have as long as he is their 'saiyyan'. Sexist and crappy, such movies should not be made at all.
Jan 20, 2019 By Manisha Lakhe

Shame on the censor board that lets such drivel through! It's 2019, and where are the self-appointed moral police when you really need them? Why are women so objectified? Who writes such cringe-worthy lines as, 'Tonight I'm dinner'?

Unfortunately, the people who made the film should have known better. (Insert fart sound here). Mama Deepti Naval gave us unforgettable films and Papa Prakash Jha's films have their own fan following. But expectations from offspring who produced the film end with this film. (Insert fart sound here).

Arshad Warsi and Saurabh Shukla, the joke is not in the movie, you two are it. (Insert fart sound here). What a horror this film turned out to be. Thirteen women (Elli Avram included) are married to Arshad 'Bhola' Warsi because they need sex and sindoor. (Insert fart sound here). And yes, fart uncle Saurabh Shukla thinks he can stop this marry and run man once and for all at gunpoint. You'd think a woman would just kill the man who has cheated on her so many times. But no, she just wants him. And Arshad Warsi continues wiggling his eyebrows (Insert fart sound here).

Don't even think about watching this film. Such a shame that filmmakers actually think rural India will enjoy such trash.

Manisha Lakhe