Valla Desam Tamil Movie

Feature Film | Action, Drama

Valla Desam is a 2017 Tamil movie directed by N.T. Nantha starring Anu Hasan, Nassar, Bala Singh and V. I. S. Jayapalan. The movie is produced by K. Raveendran and Emmanuel Kauffman and the music composed by L. V. Muthukumarasamy.

Feature Film
Release: September 22 2017 (India)
Genre: Action, Drama
Language: Tamil
Director: N.T. Nantha



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Cast & Crew Details:
Anu Hasan
Bala Singh
V. I. S. Jayapalan
Rory Locke
Kumud Pant
Andrei Lenart

Director: N.T. Nantha
Producers: K. Raveendran, Emmanuel Kauffman
Production Company: Lakxshanna Pictures
Music Director: L. V. Muthukumarasamy
Cinematographer: N.T.Nantha
Editor: Deepak S. Dwaraknath
Screenplay Writer: N.T. Nantha
Dialogue Writer: N.T. Nantha
Original Story Writer: N.T. Nantha

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