Guddu Ki Gun Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | A | Comedy, Drama
It is almost an insult to your sensibilities. Definitely not something you would miss watching at the theaters.
Oct 30, 2015 By Shishir Gautam

There are certain films that do not seek reviews. The makers probably know right since the genesis of the idea that if they do make the film it will only be for a particular audience. And they go ahead with it with full conviction. Guddu Ki Gun is one such film. Let me correct myself. It is one such project. A project made within a certain budget for a particular target group.

In my sane mind I shall never call it a good film. It is almost an insult to your sensibilities. It is near crass, with abysmal screenplay. And yet Guddu Ki Gun could very well be so much more than a film. It is a statement. A statement on the kind of films that work brilliantly in certain areas of the country.

Leading the cast of Guddu Ki Gun is Kunal Khemu. An actor I have always found underrated. He plays Guddu, a Miss Chamko of sorts. He sells washing detergent and also has a series of physical relationships with housewives. One fine morning he wakes up to find his privates turning into solid gold. He has been cursed by a man whose granddaughter's heart was broken by Guddu. Guddu must now find true love and come clean to get back his parts back to normal. And while he does so, he has to battle husbands whose wives he slept with. Randomness follows.

There are songs and item numbers bundled in, none of which you need to witness.

Guddu Ki Gun is bearable only because of it dialogues. Loaded with puns you might find yourself giggling. And then there are references made to films right from Satyajit Ray's Sonar Kella to the Oscar winning Lord of the Rings. Couple of them will even make you laugh. Guilty pleasures, eh!

Nothing else matters. Not performances, not music... Not production values. None of it would please anyway.

This film is Shantanu-Sheershak's second film. They have directed 3G, which had a strong message tied to the story. Likewise with Table No. 21, which they wrote. They attempt the same formula with Guddu Ki Gun.

Watch if you must. Definitely not something you would miss watching at the theaters.

Shishir Gautam