Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3 Review

Somewhere in between the mess called Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 is an appearance by Riteish Deshmukh. The usually entertaining actor looks quite uncomfortable as he does a scene so random that he would probably be cursing himself for doing it. And there he reminds the audience how he was a part of both the earlier films in the franchise. The worst part - he hints there would be a part four to this! I almost got a panic attack. I bet many others did too.

Okay, sex comedies can be fun. In fact I have enjoyed the first in the series pretty well. The second brought out enough laughter too. But the prospects of the next being more like Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 is what is worrying. How innovative can the same writer be while writing in the same space for a decade. Milap Zaveri, the culprit. Zaveri has done the dialogues - easily the most important thing in a sex comedy. It is after all, about wacky conversations and one liners from equally mad characters. As a genre sex comedies need to be over the top. But over the top does not mean illogical. So if you expect a Tusshar Kapoor as a drag to make us laugh and people on a beach getting sucked in by 'quicksand' as funny, there is a serious issue. The issue is called - no material for screenplay.

Things can hardly go worse when you have bad writing. But then when you have a group of people trying to outdo each other in buffoonery, you never know what can surprise you. Like in this case a usually good Darshan Jariwala will leave you gasping for air. And no, that's not because he will make you laugh. He does not.

Tusshar Kapoor plays the lead. He is in love. And his porn-star colleague play his family as he attempts to win over the would-be father-in-law with the 'sanskar' of his family. The pan is set for a chaotic ride. The actors ham, which is fine really for the genre. But they are never funny. Mandana is oh-so-blah. And Andy is irritating. The one only who surprised me pleasantly was Meghna Naidu. Not because she acted well but just because it was nice seeing her after so long. We all remember 'kaliyon ka chamman', don't we!

Nothing will make you laugh. Except once maybe, when Krishna Abhishek copies Sanjay Dutt.

There is absolutely nothing to cite on the positive side.

Advice to the writers: Guys, people should laugh because of the situations and dialogues. Not at the situations and dialogues.

Advice to director: You are not ready to direct yet

Advice to producer: Oh chuck it, who would dare to advice Ekta Kapoor.

Advice to audience: Save yourself from the trauma.

Save yourself from the trauma... (0.5) - Shishir Gautam