Star Wars: The Last Jedi English Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | Action, Adventure, Fantasy
The empire is still evil and Supreme Commander Snook is creepy in the manner of Emperor Palpitane. Thin and tall and long bony fingers controlling the force like never before. The rebels are at the end of their tether again, and need help. The story seems same but if you sit back and enjoy what Star Wars means to you, then the brilliant end will make you feel like a happy child once again.
Dec 15, 2017 By Manisha Lakhe

Those who have watched Han Solo being killed by his son who has gone over to the Dark Side, the villain of this film is clear. It's Adam Driver's Kylo Ren. He wears that mask but does not invoke the same fear as Lord Darth Vader when he appears on screen. There is no music, no deep voice, no helmet wheeze...

Daisy Ridley's Rey makes you want to hug her. She's earnest to a fault and there's no one to say, 'The Force is strong in this one'. But you have Star Wars fables imprinted in your brain. And she's on the island persuading Luke Skywalker to help.

You see a glimpse of Luke's Starfighter submerged in the water and you want to see more of it. The Porgs try to be cute, but they aren't. Personally, they reminded me of pigeons who get everywhere and nest anywhere. Was so happy to see Chewbacca barbecue them. The crystal creatures could go far in the Star Wars creature role bible.

Watching Carrie Fisher and Laura Dern (purple hair notwithstanding) and Mark Hamill is such a pleasure, you know you really are a fan of the franchise. The new characters, who are really taking the place of the old order - Oscar Isaac who plays Poe, a replacement for Han Solo - just pale in comparison and don't really make a mark.

The connect between Rey and Kylo Ren is very interesting indeed. And the last confrontation between the empire and the rebels (no matter what they call it now!) is awesome, indeed.

Star Wars remains visually mesmerizing. The aliens don't have anything spectacular to do, and yes, you don't miss Jar Jar at all. The lesson, 'Let the past die..' did not work. The past was so glorious, they need a super fabulous story in the next movie to keep the Star Wars madness alive. Having said that, I've booked to see the film again. Go figure.

Manisha Lakhe