Aavanazhi Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 1986 | Action, Crime, Thriller

Aavanazhi is a 1986 Indian movie directed by I V Sasi starring Mammootty, Geetha, Sukumari and Seema. The feature film is produced by Sajan and the music composed by Shyam.

Release Info:
September 12 1986 (India)   
Language: Malayalam
Director: I V Sasi

Balram (Mammootty), popularly known as Karadi (Bear), is an honest Circle Inspector. Frustrated in his life after severa... Show more

Balram (Mammootty), popularly known as Karadi (Bear), is an honest Circle Inspector. Frustrated in his life after several personal setbacks, including a failed affair of the heart, Balram has turned to drinking and womanizing. Balram is assigned to nab Satyaraj (Captain Raju), who evaded the clutches of the police after murdering Chackochan (Paravoor Bharathan), a contractor. Balram successfully arrests him, but in court, Satyaraj is represented by Advocate Jayachandran (Sukumaran). Satyraj is acquitted by court, but Balram decides to frame in several other criminal charges pending against him. Usha (Nalini), Balram's ex-lover is now married to Jayachandran, who is now involved in several illegal business ventures. Balram falls in love with Seetha (Geetha), a prostitute, whom he decides to marry. Meanwhile, Radha (Seema), a young lady is determined to avenge herself on Balram, who she believes to have killed her brother while in police custody. But in reality, it was a handwork of Satyaraj, on instruction from Vincent (Janardanan). Falsely implicated, Balram had been suspended from police for a couple of years, but has been reinstated. Though Seetha tried to convince Radha of the truth, she is not ready to accept it. To gain her revenge over Balram, Radha decides to offer Satyaraj a safe stay away from the police eyes. Balram's open fight with Satyaraj and his "outside the law" dealing with him forms the rest of the story.

Cast & Crew Details:
Captain Raju
C.I. Paul
Jagannatha Varma
Thikkurisi Sukumaran Nair
Paravoor Bharathan

Director: I V Sasi
Producer: Sajan
Production Company: Saj Productions
Music Director: Shyam
Cinematographer: Jayaram V.
Editor: K. Narayanan
Art Designer: I.V. Satheeshbabu
Original Story Writer: T. Damodaran
Action Choregrapher: N. Shankar