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The Danish Girl  ( A ) (2016)  (English)
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The Danish Girl Reviews

Rating:  3.4/5
| External Critics: 3.4/5
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External Reviews
A. O. Scott (The New York Times)

It's also hard not to wish that "The Danish Girl" were a better movie, a more daring and emotionally open exploration of Lili's emergence. As it is, the film, like its heroine for most of her life, is trapped by conventional expectations and ways of being. If, that is, Lili is really the heroine at all.   Read Full Review

Sankhayan Ghosh (The Hindu)

The Danish Girl' is an exquisitely made, even if a tad bloodless, pseudo-biography of a real life artist couple.The most intriguing aspect of The Danish Girl is that it is much more about that love story than it is about Lili's road to self-discovery.  Read Full Review

The Danish Girl Review RatingRohan Nahar (Hindustan Times)

The Danish Girl is the cinematic equivalent of a half-hearted shrug, the movie version of a really long sigh.And like that other recent Oscar-winning biopic about the life of Alan Turing (The Imitation Game), The Danish Girl too, manages to make an extraordinary true story a by-the-numbers slog.  Read Full Review

Subhash K Jha (Firstpost)

The Danish Girl is a lot of things, all very very remarkable. But it is NOT a showcase for Eddie Redmayne to show us his exceptional acting skills.Yet, I repeat, The Danish Girl is not a showcase for Redmayne's miraculous powers of self-transformation. It is more, much more. The film shows us the outcome of the illimitable freedom that artistes have been allowed from the time immemorial.  Read Full Review

The Danish Girl Review RatingJohnson Thomas (Mid Day)

There's sparkling clarity in the narration, tasteful artistry in the framing and tempered emotionality in the performances. Hooper's form and content merge into one complete seamless whole much like Einar's to Lili, aspires to be. There's bittersweet irony in the craft that hints at submergence while never really completing that expectation. The representations are strong on depth and reflective in dimension. People, landscapes, intentions are presented in beautiful, artistic impressions that are simply breathtaking and unforgettable.   Read Full Review

The Danish Girl Review RatingIan Freer (Empire)

It may start in 1926, but The Danish Girl nails a zeitgeist-y hot-button topic of transgender issues led by (but not limited to) Caitlyn Jenner. It's a beautifully mounted, restrained picture but no less moving for it. Cynics may bash the approach for being too conventional for the adventurous subject matter (compare Tangerine), but Hooper's filmmaking is impeccable, flitting between beautifully bleak Scandinavian landscapes and oddly framed close-ups of Redmayne's angelic face.   Read Full Review

The Danish Girl Review RatingRajeev Masand (IBN Live)

Like Hooper's most celebrated film The King's Speech, this one too is handsomely mounted, although it skims over the messier details of sex and surgery. What it focuses on essentially is the fascinating and touching love story at its centre, and the evolution of both Einar and Gerda, as individuals and as a couple. Rest assured The Danish Girl, directed by Oscar-winner Tom Hooper, will add momentum to this important conversation around 'trans' identity.   Read Full Review

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