Naani Kannada Movie

Feature Film | 2016 | A

Naani is a 2016 Indian movie directed by Ragavendra K Gollahalli starring Suhasini Maniratnam, Priyanka Rao, Jai Jagadish and Manish Arya. The feature film is produced by Ramesh Kumar Jain and the music composed by Thyagraj M S.

Release Info:
July 1 2016 (India)   
Language: Kannada
Director: Ragavendra K Gollahalli
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Manish Arya
Kishori Ballal
Ramesh Pandith

Company TULSI FILMS have come forward for making a big movie, his passion for making movies producer RAMESH KUMAR JAIN h... Show more

Company TULSI FILMS have come forward for making a big movie, his passion for making movies producer RAMESH KUMAR JAIN has made a good decision for the real story and also making this movie very successful.

The incident of 1997 in Nausari town of Gujarat state has caught attention for this team. It is the tragic tale of test tube baby that lived up to 13 years and died. The parents of this girl living in United Kingdom today have given nod for making this Kannada film ‘Naani’ based on the tragic tale.

Producer RAMESH KUMAR JAIN and Director RAGAHVENDRA K GOLLAHALLI have decided to make the movie very closely to the true incident, without exaggerating the same.

Said to be a science fiction, adventure thriller, the movie takes an interesting turn after the baby dies. The huge 22-room bungalow was said to be locked following the death of the baby and it is also rumored that the baby’s soul is still wandering at the Palace by the localities. The movie is said to concentrate on these incidents.

This is an adventure film and audience could weep at the climax says the Director RAGAHVENDRA K GOLLAHALLI .

Baby Suhasini of ‘BannadaKode’ state award child is playing the affected child.

VJ turned actors Manish and Priyanka Rao have been roped in to play the leed roles. Details about what roles they are playing in the film are yet to be out. Hope this stands out as an unique attempt in capturing real life incidents!in the leed roles.

Legendary Couples of Sandalwood Suhasini Manirathnam and Jai Jagadish playing flashback leed roles too.

Veteran in dialogue writing with 130 films to his credit BA Madhu has liked the subject and its pattern of narration.while Baby Suhasini of ‘BannadaKode’ fame is playing the 13-year-old test tube baby. Sources close to the movie have confirmed that Bandhana parallel leed pair Suhasini Manirathnam and Jai Jagdish will be essaying the role of London returned couple in Naani. The duo will be playing the parent to the thirteen year old test tube baby.

Makers of the film are said to have travelled to many places in and around the place where the incident had happened and have gathered lot of information about the same.



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Cast & Crew Details:
Suhasini Maniratnam
Priyanka Rao
Jai Jagadish
Manish Arya
Kishori Ballal
Ramesh Pandith
Ramesh Bhat
Yathiraj Kalpana
Mandeep Roy
Radha Ramchandra

Director: Ragavendra K Gollahalli
Producer: Ramesh Kumar Jain
Production Company: Tulsi Film
Music Director: Thyagraj M S
Cinematographer: Suresh Gundlupete
Editor: M S Bala
Art Designer: Ravi Santhehaiklu
Dialogue Writer: B A Madhu
Song Choregrapher: Murali Master