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Aanandam  ( U ) (2016)  (Malayalam)
Genre: Romance, Teen Movie
Language: Malayalam
Director: Ganesh Raj
Producer: Vineeth Sreenivasan
Production Company: LJ Films Pvt Ltd, Habit Of Life,
Music Director: Sachin Warrier
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Rating: Crictiq: 3.0 - Read Review  3/5
Nowrunning Critics: 3.0/5 | Users: 2.7/5
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Nowrunning Reviews
Teenage is "18 Till I Die" so sang pop giant Bryan Adams many years ago. Seeing the juveniles in 'Anandam' I get the feeling time is appropriate to bring that anthem back to the silver screen once and for all. For boys are always naughty, girls kinky forever and this teenage friendship movie of all - is one for the well and truly screwy.


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Rajoy Alfes  Super Reviewer
'Anandam' is a potboiler movie aimed at exploiting the delicate romantic sentiments of the youth. The producer and director have learnt the trick of the trade and they know well where to hit in order to fill their chest with money. The movie does not have any scruples. It gives the wrong notion that a college is a place for love making and that alone. What is there to the makers of the such movies if the young generation is misled?   Aanandam User Rating

Akshai Ification 
Like the name "Aanandam" the movie gave lot of happiness for the viewers of that age (College or school students.) But more likely it is only having that movie feeling only, there is no IV like this in any college or other educational institution. So, the movie is having very less logic. But if you are seeing films in the manner of entertainment only then you can just watch Aanandam for one time and enjoy a lot.   Aanandam User Rating

Sara David 
Alright then. Let me start by pointing out exactly how bad this site’s official review is. Let’s face it people, citing a quote, twisting your sentences and filling them gob smack with completely unnecessary words to flaunt your ‘vocabulary’ doesn’t really make you smart. It just makes you seem like a douchebag- a slightly educated but obnoxious douchebag. On that note, I myself am going to engage in said obnoxiousness by highlighting unpopular opinion.
Moving on. ‘Aanandam’ has put into play stereotypical characters with predictable quirks, borderline creepy infatuation and ties it all up with a half-hearted insertion of bland and low-key drama. I’ll be honest though, during the first half of the movie I wasn’t filled with such great dislike. In fact, I was even beginning to feel like it might have been mildly watchable… But then, come the second half and you’re left with this emptiness, this feeling of ‘Wait, is there really no plot-twist? Not even an attempt at a worthwhile climax? No actual dilemma?” In fact, it came to a point where my friend and I were expecting the usual ‘unforeseen suicide’ route- even unanimously agreeing that it would be the narrator or ‘Kuppi’ who would do the deed. When nothing delivered we were just left perplexed- and not in a good way, mind you.
Talking about the characters, Dia is the shallow, happy go lucky social butterfly who gets close to guys and then invariably friendzones people. Akshay is an over-the-top scaredy cat blinded by love. They try to make him seem earnest in his affections towards aforementioned shallow butterfly but when they make him give the ‘All her imperfections only make me fall deeper for her’ speech at a point where he hasn’t really even spoken to her yet, you start to doubt the sincerity. Also, how is it that EVERYONE except ‘her’ knows of this ‘love’ and is constantly trying to force them together? GET A CLUE. The struggle the ‘couple’ consisting of the fake rocker guy and the whatever she is supposed to be chick was shallow and it doesn’t really give us a punch line… like why were they even together in the first place? They were together just for the sake of being together and their ‘internal struggle’ although seeming deep is really not so. I won’t hate much on the ‘Kuppi’ guy since he is the one that delivered that ONE deep moment that made the movie worthwhile watching. And can we discuss how creepy the narrator chick was in how she drew pictures of Dia and Akshay in her little secret notebook. How exactly was butterfly not totally grossed out by it? Your ‘friend’ was virtually stalking you and drawing you in your sleep?
Also, don’t get me started on how touchy-feely EVERYONE is with EVERYONE.
Overall, this movie is just a sparkly package that is made to entice the unexpected. A shallow package which at the end of the day is a waste of hard earned money.
  Aanandam User Rating

Arjun Manoj 
That last paragraph made me cringe till my face hurt. A masterclass in "How NOT to use language". Heck, it wasn't even necessary, so bad editing to boot. This site better bring back Veeyen fast.   Aanandam User Rating

Matthewz Philip 
Happy reminiscence:-)   Aanandam User Rating

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