Team 5 Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | U | Action, Family, Romantic, Sports
'Team 5' has a listless tale to offer and it gums up the excitement and thrill of bike stunt.
Jul 24, 2017 By K. R. Rejeesh

Cricketer-turned-actor Sreesanth makes his debut in "Team 5", which is based on bike stunt contests in Kochi. In the 'acting pitch,' the former Indian pacer finds rhythm during the initial stages but fails to sustain it throughout the movie. Sreesanth shows his flexibility and comfort in dance sequences compared to his performance in the vital emotional scenes.

Akhil (Sreesanth) is leading a life away from his home town after a tragedy that struck his family. A bike stunt expert, he is wanted badly by his friends to revive Team 5, a team of five bikers, after a hiatus to vie in a bike stunt tourney at Kochi. The flashback reveals his happy life with his mother and sister Anu (Pearle Maaney). There is also a reference to his love interest, Irene (Nikki Galrani), a company's marketing head. Nikki has been given the task of just sashaying on screen and to jig in song sequences.

The excitement of bike racing and bike stunt is the highlighted portion in the movie. But the story of a bike stunt expert is not so exciting. Lack of a concrete plot contributes meaningless moments and the cloying narration of director Suresh Govind makes things tedious. Despite being a riveting topic, the director fails to offer a better ride to the viewers. All the hullabaloo in the story leads you to an aimless destination.

There is an abrupt switching to cliched family sentiments, so the director digresses from delineating bike stunt profession, about which there are wrong perceptions. Overall, the bike stunt scenes fail to create an impact and make a mockery of the title.

"Team 5" has a listless tale to offer and it gums up the excitement and thrill of bike stunt.

K. R. Rejeesh