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'Paathi' is a genuine attempt for a meaningful film. Stellar performances of actors help this movie attain its task.
Nov 19, 2017 By K. R. Rejeesh

It's a rare visual treat when the mind-blowing performance of actors holds high the dignity of a film. "Paathi" (The Half), directed by debutant Chandran Narikkod, does not demand a laborious effort to make out its theme, instead, it arrests the attention from the outset with the straightforwardness in the presentation. The conflicts of characters and the Theyyam (a ritual form of worship) milieu show their desperation to get rid of the burdens. It's not the God but Kammaran (Indrans), who eases their pangs.

Undoubtedly, the film is hogged by Indrans with a mind-blowing portrayal of the character's hapless existence even though he is the panacea for rest of his fellow beings. You can see him in the company of Theyyam artiste Othenan (Joy Mathew), Moosa (Kalabhavan Shajon), children and many others. Kammaran imbibes their pain and suggests antidote for their troubles. But his antidotes (emotional support too) backfire him in life resulting in a kind of inflicting pain on himself. With an ugly scar on the left side of his face, Indrans takes us by surprise when he is in full flow.

Chandran keeps an austerity in the making but it's powerful and effective. The guilty conscious of Kammaran is beautifully portrayed by Chandran with the deft combination of imagery and reality. Writer Vijesh Viswam's intense perspective on the identity and individuality of all the characters immensely supports "Paathi."

Joy Mathew is at ease with one of his best characters. Othenan is unable to extricate from the dilemma he faces in his family. The irony of the character is that he has no solution for his problems albeit he gives advice to the devotees in his Theyyam attire at the temple. Kalabhavan Shajon as the uncle of a disabled girl also has his moments in the film.

B. Ajith Kumar's editing and Sajan Kalathil's visual definitions engender the real impact in accordance with the plot. Despite its dramatic treatment in some places, "Paathi"is a noteworthy attempt for a film that keeps sincerity and dedication to its real intention.

K. R. Rejeesh


Rajoy Alfes

'Paathi' is an exceptionally good movie which will eat into your inner self and remain there as a painful thought. It te... Show more
'Paathi' is an exceptionally good movie which will eat into your inner self and remain there as a painful thought. It tells that only half of a man is exposed and the other half remains a mystery to the outside world, a hard reality which he does not want to reveal but allows to cause chronic ruptures in his own heart. As Chaplin said he walks in the rain, so that no one can see him crying. The director Chandran Nerikode deserves a standing ovation and so also the actors Indrans and Joy Mathew.
Vinesh Karim

Great movie