Indignation English Movie

Feature Film | Drama

Indignation is a English movie directed by James Schamus starring Logan Lerman, Sarah Gadon, Tracy Letts and Linda Emond. The feature film is produced by Anthony Bregman, James Schamus and Rodrigo Teixeira and the music composed by Jay Wadley.

Release Info:
2016 (India)   
Language: English
Director: James Schamus


Cast & Crew Details:
Logan Lerman
Sarah Gadon
Tracy Letts
Linda Emond
Danny Burstein
Ben Rosenfield
Pico Alexander
Philip Ettinger
Noah Robbins

Director: James Schamus
Producers: Anthony Bregman, James Schamus, Rodrigo Teixeira
Production Companies: Likely Story, FilmNation Entertainment, RT Features, BFB Entertainment, X Filme Creative Pool
Music Director: Jay Wadley
Cinematographer: Christopher Blauvelt
Editor: Andrew Marcus
Screenplay Writer: James Schamus