Mascots English Movie

Feature Film | Comedy

Mascots is a English movie directed by Christopher Guest starring Christopher Guest, Jane Lynch, Parker Posey and Fred Willard. The feature film is produced by Karen Murphy and Jim Piddock and the music composed by Jeffery C.J. Vanston.

Release Info:
2016 (India)  
Language: English
Director: Christopher Guest


Cast & Crew Details:
Christopher Guest
Jane Lynch
Parker Posey
Fred Willard
Ed Begley Jr
Christopher Moynihan
Don Lake
Brad Williams
Zach Woods
Chris O'Dowd
Susan Yeagley
Sarah Baker
Tom Bennett
Kerry Godliman
Bob Balaban
Jennifer Coolidge
Michael Hitchcock

Director: Christopher Guest
Producers: Karen Murphy, Jim Piddock
Production Company: Netflix
Music Director: Jeffery C.J. Vanston
Cinematographer: Kris Kachikis
Editor: Andrew Dickler
Art Designer: Chase Carter
Original Story Writer: Christopher Guest