Other People English Movie

Feature Film | Comedy, Drama

Other People is a English Movie directed by Chris Kelly starring Jesse Plemons, Molly Shannon, Bradley Whitford and Maude Apatow. The feature film is produced by Adam Scott, Naomi Scott and Sam Bisbee and the music composed by Julian Wass.

Release: 2016 (India)
Language: English
Director: Chris Kelly


Cast & Crew Details:
Jesse Plemons
Molly Shannon
Bradley Whitford
Maude Apatow
John Early
Madisen Beaty
Zach Woods
J. J. Totah
June Squibb
Paul Dooley

Director: Chris Kelly
Producers: Adam Scott, Naomi Scott, Sam Bisbee
Production Company: Vertical Entertainment
Music Director: Julian Wass
Cinematographer: Brian Burgoyne
Editor: Patrick Colman
Original Story Writer: Chris Kelly