Priyasakhi Tamil Movie

Feature Film | 2005
Jan 10, 2005 By P.V.Sathish Kumar

Traditional society and modern fragmented society rub against each other in the thought provoking and refreshing movie "Priyasakhi". In this era when nuclear family and pub-culture have become all pervasive, the film is certainly relevant.

Santana Krishnan alias Sakhi (Madhavan), a professional young bloke is a manager in an automobile company. He lives a fairly standard existence with his family consisting of his mother, grandmother, brother, sister-in-law and niece.

On one of his business visits to Dubai, he sees Priya (Sada) an advertisement model and instantly becomes enamored by her charms. Thereafter, Sakhi goes about flinging and flirting with Priya. The way he woos Priya is cool, and you can relate some of his flirtations in your real life too.

After understanding each other, they both enter into wedlock, but much to the chagrin of Priya's mother.

Priya comes from a socially elite family. Her father (Prathap Pothan) is a henpecked husband who does not have any say in the domestic matters. Her mother (Aishwarya) lives a life peppered with high-society parties, boozing and dancing.

Brought-up in this sort of a social sphere, Priya finds it difficult to adjust to new domestic sphere. Cracks starts showing up in Priya-Sakhi's marriage. The yarn goes on to tell how Sakhi helps Priya realize the essence of traditional family, and accept the joint family system of his.

Madhavan giving a central performance is utterly comfortable in his role, a trait that is echoed throughout the majority of the cast. Sada is abundantly charming and portrays her role of a confused woman caught between two diverse ways of living, with a sense of humanity that makes her essentially endearing.

Director Adhiyaman should be commended for taking the initiative, something that is all too rare in the industry today, and managing to create a solid entertaining piece.

Bharadwaj has churned few melodious songs. Especially "O Priyasakhi…" and "Muthal Muthal… Paarthen…" songs strike your senses. Camera work of 'Sethu' Sriram is visually stunning, notably the deserts and landmarks of Dubai and plush green Ooty are treat to the eyes.

Though the subject matter is not entirely to the taste of the youngsters of today's genre, it’s worth a watch just for the sheer fact that it presents a sincere and heart felt look at cultural diversities in our society.

By the end, it's a fully flowering triumph of substance and style.

P.V.Sathish Kumar