Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2018 | Comedy, Drama
'Bromance or Romance' is the underlying premise of the battle of the sexes film. Although it feels misogynistic to paint women the way they have in the film, it is so delightful and frothy and fun, you come away smiling. Are all girlfriends needy or plain manipulative? Will Sonu save his best friend Titu from his girl? What is true love? Do Punjabis drink and wed? The film is a tad too long, but has enough to make you finish gigantic popcorn tubs.
Feb 22, 2018 By Manisha Lakhe

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What happens when the best friend of the groom does not get along with the bride to be? It's a wonderful mish mash of My Best Friend's Wedding and How I Met Your Mother but it stands happily on its Punjabi feet, supported by Tandoori Chicken and alcohol.

Sonu is used to rescuing Titu from disastrous relationships. Kartik Aryan (of Pyar ka Punchnama fame) is Sonu to his bestie Titu played by Sunny Singh Nijjar (rather amiable). It is easy enough for save Titu from a girlfriend who won't delete a dating app from her phone. But when Titu and his family get enamoured by Sweety, Sonu faces a daunting, uphill task: How does one rescue one's best friend from someone who is just too good to be true?

Sonu is a part of Titu's family. Titu's mum, Ayesha Raza is particularly amazing. Her suggestion: If it is an insult to carry mithai from a rival shop when they go to meet Sweety's family, then we put the mithai in our family mithai shop box. Titu's granny rules the house, but there's a pair of older gents who steal the thunder right from under the younger bunch: Titu and Sonu and Sweety. This pair is the older version of Titu and Sonu: Grandpa Alok Nath (Ghasita) and his best bud Virendra Saxena (Lalu). Alok Nath gets to say the most outrageous things and his delivery is so good, you cannot help but guffaw at his wicked dialogue.

'I have one rule in life,' says Grandpa Alok Nath, 'Never tell an asshole that he is an asshole.' The curse word is of course bleeped out in the film which makes the dialogue funnier than it is. The grandpa and his bud are Sonu's sounding board. They help him plot the overthrow of the enemy that is slowly and sweetly taking over Titu's world. But the two old gents play from both sides, and that adds to the fun.

At the engagement ceremony Sweety turns out to be not so sweet. We're not given any reason why she turns into such a calculating miss, but the challenge to rescue Titu becomes even more daunting and more fun. Yes, yes, the women are not shown in a kindly light, but this film gives us a break from sweet syrupy romances Bollywood is used to upchucking every week.

The war of the sexes gets to a point where grandpa offers inadvertent advice: Poison cuts poison. And Sonu finds the perfect poison in the shape of Pihu. Ishita Raj Sharma is brilliant and you shake your head at how clever Sonu is each time Sweety reacts to Pihu's presence. The fact that it's a wedding and the bride is getting mehendi done, which means she cannot do anything makes the situation hilarious!

There are many holes in the narrative, starting with Sweety's motives for being the way she is, and why Sonu believes women are always wrong, but it is offers us reason to watch out for a sequel. The film is as Punjabi as it gets (read alcohol and expletive soaked), and boy, do the characters have fun!

Manisha Lakhe