Kaviyude Osyath Review

Jan 11, 2017 By K. R. Rejeesh

The opening scene itself gives a premonition of a disaster, in terms of the creative as well as technical aspects of "Kaviyude Osyath". No wonder a regressive mindset will form in you as the story unfolds before you.

Spate of artificial dialogues, trite scenes and poor acting coupled with amateur treatment by the director spell the doom for the film. Sometimes low budget films are able to spring in surprise with their out-of-the-box plot. But "Kaviyude Osyath" turns out to be a tedious affair; so often feel like watching an amateur drama on screen.

Based on a novel by himself, Vijayakrishnan, a critic and filmmaker, has written the script. It marks the debut of Vineeth Anil (he has acted with Mohanlal in "Yodha" as a child) as director.

A retired Forest Range Officer's sons Abhijith (Arun), Abhilash aka Appu (Jithu Johny) along with their mother Padma (Sangeetha Mohan) live happily. Once they find that their family friend poet Sidharthan (Prakash Bare) has bequeathed his properties to Abhijith aka Allu, the younger boy in the family, in his osyath (will). Suspicion raises in the mind of Appu, who thinks that Allu is the son of the late poet. His doubts create problems in the family and he had to leave the house for certain reasons.

With hardly any freshness in the story, the visuals of Yadu Vijayakrishnan totally sullies the narration. Poor shots, mostly wide-angle, apparently show lack of homework from the part of the crew.

Barring a couple of actors, all other actors are newcomers and they show absolutely no signs of their acting potential. And to summarize, the movie exhibits the zenith of amateurish activities that never impress anyone.

'Kaviyude Osyath is an amateurish attempt that never impress anyone.
Rating: 2.2 / 10
K. R. Rejeesh