Aagaya Hero Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Action, Drama, Romance
Aa Gaya Hero is a story of a policeman who makes an elaborate plan to trap the assorted bad guys by closing all loopholes they usually employ to escape justice. The whole thing is handled so badly, the songs and dances are a relief from the strangest goings on.
Mar 17, 2017 By Manisha Lakhe

ACP Ravindra Verma (Govinda, rather fit for his age) presents a secret file marked prominently" Abhinay Chakra, to the President. He gets permission to tackle the corrupt politicians and their assorted goons, rapists who own educational institutions, even a woman thug.

This film is supposed to be debut to two female leads, one of them is Richa Sharma. But she has only one line of dialog: I'm Juhi. After one dance with Govinda where she makes her presence felt in a Gold bikini top is all we see of her. She just disappears.

The film starts with an assumption that the bad guys get away with anything because the 'system' protects them. Murderers brazenly kill people in broad daylight because they have politicians play Godfather and so on. Helpless cops tied by orders to not shoot, seem to be losing every battle.

So G

ovinda hatches a plan and turns into Don (whatever that means!) and tricks the bad guys into surrender. All this happens because Murali Sharma decides to intimidate and chase a girl in broad daylight in a college and she jumps off the top floor and kills herself. Murali Sharma is younger brother to Ashutosh Rana who says, 'Murder aur rape karna hamara haq banta hai'

The cliches are horrendous and unending. The film too is shot as if the story was something to add between songs. There must be at least ten songs (I lost count after seven) that make no sense or connect with the cop story. It was as if the cop story was shot separately. They do however add one or two lines of dialog to introduce the song. For example: Suddenly Govinda speaks some nonsense to the cops at his police station, and leaves. The cops then say, 'The boss is drunk'. The audience wonders what had just happened. Boom! The film cuts to a drunken song and dance about 'A chhora Ganga kinare wala'. But the more cops and corrupt politician nonsense we see on screen, the more welcome the songs become. After all, it is Govinda. And despite his jiggly moobs, he still can shake a leg and say something as outrageous as, 'Patati hai toh patt, nai toh side mein hutt!' (Wanna be seduced then be seduced or step aside)

Manisha Lakhe