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Villain  ( U ) (2017)  (Malayalam)
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Villain Reviews

Rating:  2.4/5
Nowrunning Critics: 2.4/5 | Users: 3.3/5
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Nowrunning Reviews
Mohanlal laboriously carries another underwhelming film on his shoulders.

Villain Review RatingVighnesh Menon | Read Full Review

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Villain Review RatingKiran & Allan


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Akshai Ification 
First of all Villain is not a bad movie like Velipadinte Pusthakam or 1971 Beyond Borders. Also it is not a great movie like Drishyam or Oppam. But Villain just takes a new path of thriller that may get followed by other movie makers in the future. The movie is a slow paced one and not having a great thriller mood also. Despite some directional errors Villain is a fair film that you can watch once. The main plus point is Mohanlal sir's acting and some dialogues.   Villain User Rating

cinema buff 
villain got what it deserved-a dull welcom.The all time great director UNNI talks like kurosovo n films like vinayan. Big words n big budget dont make a movie good.Villain aspires to be a thriller but miserably lacks thrills, and as an emotional drama, it lacks the needed intensity n story.The biggies tried to mix both by putting it in the very old bottle and eventually produced a weird thing that genuinely occupies a no man's land..the film neither entertains fans nor family but bores both well   Villain User Rating

Shareef Melmuri Shareefu 
Only lalattan acting was ,and other side's are bad very bad poor story very poor climax   Villain User Rating

shiloj hidayath 
Villan is a movie which is very well crafted experimented and well produced movie
Which never make u boor for even a second
Unnikrishnan did lots of homework for this movie
Its a movie which deserves a place in best thriller movie indian cinema ever seen because theres no twist suspense then also its engaging
B unnikrishnan took 2 years to make this script
He needs a great applause and salute for this masterpiece
Outstanding visuals bgm marvellous direction
Movie wins 100% in class and emotional thriller genre
Its never a mass masala heroic content movie
If u expect it u will surely get dissapointed but theres superb mass fight scenes which suits the situation

Coming to acting
Why mohanlal is called complete actor without thinking much we can say he is no1 actor of indian cinema
Mass emotional scenes he did with ease
The scene which he laugh and cries is too emotional to handle and we will say wow for that acting
Hats of to him
His eyes have somany meaningfull expressions wow

Coming to manju theres only one lady superstar in mtown
This movie underlines it
Hospital scenes manju is outstanding
The feel and love between manju and laletan will haunt u after leaving theatre and make u cry in many scenes
Vishal perfect casting did his role outstandingly
Vishals role will have special place in heart
Super social message in movie am not saying much because its to experiance in theatre

Climax scenes are awesome
And last scene is emotional with laletans dialogue

Each and every dialogues is so meaningfull in movie most interesting is interaction between laletan and vishal

Atlast Who is villan u can decide

After memories the movie which haunt me aloot and sam alex charatcer it will be villan and mathew manjooran role

Sam and mathew role is so lonely gets cheated by others and used by others for their selfishness
Will have special emotional place in our heart for this roles and movies

Villan only negative is
Fans shows
Fans gave too much hype as saying its mass masala movie and comparing with pulimurugan
Go for villan dont miss it
If ur a true movie lover
  Villain User Rating


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