School Diary Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2018
Though preachy in parts, 'School Diary' is a well-intended movie that highlights the responsibility and optimism of students. But the amateurish treatment in vital areas only helps provide a mediocre output.
May 20, 2018 By K. R. Rejeesh

Can students bring out changes on and off the school premises? Well, this family drama has a positive answer albeit the explanation takes a bit too long to digest. Here we have a group of students from a school in a village. These Class 12 students have a sense of responsibility and positive outlook about everything. "School Diary," directed by M. Hajamoinu, highlights the moral values as an integral part of its theme. However, this simple story with didactic elements is suffering from amateurish traits in key areas and they evidently pose as hurdles in the appreciation process.

Archa alias Achu, played by Bhama Arun, leads the five-member girls gang only for the benefit of the government school. As the school leader, Achu introduces a novel concept in the school--- a school diary for all students to write about their problems and suggestions. Every day, after reading the diary, Achu with her friends Indu (Mamitha Baiju), Rima (Anakha. S. Nair), Diyaa, essayed by Diyaa herself, and Yamuna (Vismaya Viswanath) tries to find remedies for their problems.

Hajamoinu's script mainly delves into the problems written on the diary and the bold steps taken by Achu for her schoolmates. Indeed, the innocence of school life is portrayed meticulously along with the burden of parents. Reena Basheer as Achu's mother represents the struggling life of a widow, who runs a tea shop to look after her two daughters.

Achu shows maturity beyond her age. She is liked by all, thanks to her skill in writing poetry and good demeanour. She is portrayed as a very compassionate teenager, befitting to the purpose of the plot that aims to kindle strong humane values among children. Bhama gives tremendous energy to the character with her sublime performance.

The song based on the Malayalam alphabets composed by M.G. Sreekumar is adorable. The visuals by G.K. Nandakuamar aptly supports the narration.

Issues that pose hindrance to a peaceful and moral life are lethargically organised in the plot and this aimless approach causes the apparent wobbling of the action. All that it required was a professional touch in the treatment to make it more satisfying.

K. R. Rejeesh