Mirror Game – Ab Khel Shuru Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | UA | Drama
Mirror Game is an interesting story, well-executed but everything moves so slow you have to pinch yourself to keep awake. The twist in the story is good, very good perhaps.
Jun 2, 2017 By Manisha Lakhe

Praveen Dabas shows up on the big screen after a long time. He does a decent job as Jay Verma, a professor of psychiatry who is not only battling his irritated annoyed wife at home but also the demons inside his head.

When he offers a stranger fame and fortune in return for being a part of the 'murder the annoying wife' plan, he does not realize that the stranger could turn tables on him. It happens too. And because his medical report says he is battling with demons, the poor prof does not know how to explain himself to the police.

It's a good psychological story with a decent twist. The setting is Edison Falls, New Jersey and it works rather well, in spite of the caricaturist policemen, the detective, the chief... The only real problem with the movie is the horrendously slow pace. We've seen psychological dramas before and we've seen how quickly the cops go after people if they think they are guilty. So the police-work needed more polish, the procedures should have been smarter. We like the idea that the professor cannot depend on the police to help him, but needs to find ways to prove himself innocent. But we do wish the police were a tad smarter.

There is surprising restraint in background music and we thank the writer director for that. There is no presence of head-holding, hair-tearing hero going mad, no hysterical laughter that is usually seen in every Bollywood psych thriller. And for that the audience will be grateful. The title is odd, and the only explanation seems to be is that the writer-director wanted it to be 'different'.

The twist in the story is good, very good perhaps. If only the pacing of the story had been smarter.

Manisha Lakhe