A Gentleman Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2017 | UA | Action, Comedy
Gaurav is a good desi lad living the American Dream: a fab home, a software company job, a minivan in Miami and a desire to express his love for colleague Kavya who's looking for romance and adventure. There's Rishi, who's a hitman for a conman, fed up of money, cars and crashing out of glass buildings. The three meet in a convoluted action packed film which is passable if you ignore loopholes.
Aug 26, 2017 By Manisha Lakhe

Let's get this straight. Miami is known for many things, but 'hub of software' seems like a long shot. But it makes for the perfect setting for his abs. Alas, Gaurav the good boy uses more hair gel than sun tan lotion. He drives a minivan, works nine to five, is in love with Kavya and dreams of two point five kids.

Then there's Rishi who works for 'Colonel' (Suniel Shetty in a wonderful return) whose Unit X is involved in all kinds of 'bad' stuff. His cars are fast, his ability to pull off stunts fabulous, and his abs are picture perfect. But Rishi hankers for a life of quiet ease, a home and hearth, and a wife.

Of course Rishi and Gaurav are played by Sidharth Malhotra who has fortunately come a long way from his expressionless role in Student Of The Year. He slips into this action hero role quite nicely.

Kavya, the object of Gaurav's desires is played by Jaqueline Fernandez, who does has the least demanding role of them all - she is salad dressing. The good girl who can be Bond girl. She is rather happy in this role and does well.

There is a bit of attempted comedy that uses the parents (Rajit Kapoor as dad) meeting the lad trope, the gujju don whatsapp joke trope and the confusion between the lookalikes trope. And if you're watching with friends who are easily pleased, then you will laugh along as well. Even though the 'gay' card is played, it is not as offensive as Bollywood usually goes.

The action takes us from Miami to Bangkok and Mumbai to Goa, but it remains predictable. In fact the motorbike chase is so generic, it is almost boring. Parkour has become a must, whether the movie is big budget Bollywood or small town, small budget hit and kill movie.

The music too is shoulder shrug inducing strictly okay, and you will remember nothing but the refrain 'Bandkook meri laila'. The story after a while seems to be too convoluted as if the filmmakers did not think beyond 'we will have one bechara hero and one bond' and need to join loose ends. Not that you will hate this film, but you don't want to watch it again soon.

Manisha Lakhe