Kanaa Kanden Tamil Movie Review

Feature Film
Feb 27, 2005 By Mythily Ramachandran

'Kana Kanden’ is well-known cinematographer K.V.Anand’s debut film as a director. The film opens with a wedding that Bhaskar, (Srikanth) attends. His friend Archana is the bride who discovers that the man she is going to marry is a man of loose morals. Archana refuses to marry him and in order to escape being forced into the marriage by her older brother, she runs away with Bhaskar to Chennai.

In Chennai, Bhaskar is a doctorate student at Anna University and is working on a desalination plan as part of his project. The project gets approved by his professor and the next step is to see it implemented. While this scientist finds time to work on his research he also finds time to romance with Archana whom he has known since childhood. Gopika as Archana and Srikanth as Bhaskar make a good pair and their onscreen chemistry is great.

Banks refuse Bhaskar a loan for his project neither does a meeting with a Minister help. Archana meets an old college mate, Madan, played by Malayalam actor, Prithviraj. He introduces Bhaskar to a business tycoon, who is keen on purchasing the patent rights of the project. Bhaskar is not interested in making money for his own welfare; instead he wants the society to be benefited and refuses the proposal from the businessman.

Madan then offers to help Bhaskar set up his desalination plant and lends him a sum of ten lakhs as loan. Bhaskar little realizes the trap he was falling into. The factory is set up on the land given by Amita, Bhaskar’s research guide at Anna University.

But is it smooth sailing for Bhaskar and Archana? Not when they realize Madans’ diabolical plans. Prithviraj as Madan, a suave and stylish businessman makes quite an impression. His smooth talk and mannerisms conceal a scheming mind and he certainly steals the show with his performance. Kana Kanden should open more doors for Prithviraj.

Srikanth is very much the boy next door and essays his role with ease. Gopika with her fresh looks is a natural. Model turned actor Amita plays her part well. Vivek as Bhaskar’s friend is his usual self.

'Kana Kanden’ is a combo of romance and suspense, engrossing and entertaining in the first half. An attempt to tackle 'Water’ a socially relevant issue has been made. However the violence towards the end of the story could have been avoided. It hardly served any purpose.

Music is by Vidyasagar and story by Shuba. What lingers in one’s mind is the good photography and picturization of the songs. The frames have been shot in quite a novel way.

Mythily Ramachandran