Sachin Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | 2019 | Comedy, Drama
An aimless youth, who is also passionate about cricket, faces obstacles to marry his lover. In the background of cricket, 'Sachin' showcases a dull and soulless romantic drama that truly invites one's lacks of interest.
Jul 21, 2019 By K. R. Rejeesh

The tale revolves around a cricket match that has significance in the fate of the lead characters of 'Sachin'. It is a riveting concept at a glance and the plot is adorned with occasional humour elements. But once you seriously scan through the substance, the vacuum in the soul of the tale is surely felt. If you assume the premise of 'Sachin' as an arid slow cricket pitch, the players (read as characters) are striving hard to score each run (read as performance).

Directed by Santhosh Nair, 'Sachin' narrates the difficulties being faced by the eponymous protagonist in his attempts to marry Anjali (Anna Reshma Rajan), his lover. Sachin, essayed by Dhyan Sreenivasan, is an avid cricket fan and he plays for his club Jerry Elevens, captained by Jerry (Aju Varghese). They face stiff competition from Brothers Team, led by Shyne (Ramesh Pisharody), who is Anjali's brother. Anjali's father Ramachandran (Renji Panicker) and brother oppose her love affair with Sachin. But Shyne puts forward a condition that in order to marry Anjali, Sachin has to win a cricket match against Brothers Team.

Here, the hero Sachin is named after the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar by his cricket-loving father Viswanathan (Manianpillai Raju). Later in life, he realizes that his son devotes fulltime for cricket sans finding a job. The script is penned by S. L. Puram Jayasurya, who directed Mohanlal starrer 'Angel John' in 2009.

In the background of cricket, 'Sachin' showcases a dull and soulless romantic drama that truly invites one's lacks of interest. Myriad instances of unimaginative writing make the film flounder most of the time, and the scenes seem to be incoherent and pretentious. Scenes like the girl-boy meeting and the cricket matches are highly detached from triggering an impact.

Santhosh Nair, who had an impressive directorial debut with the film 'Mani Ratnam,' eventually, struggles to keep afloat the ordinary plot. Loaded with trite conflicts, 'Sachin' hardly excites you for a standing ovation let alone a clap. It neither falls in the category of a soulful love tale nor a comedy-drama as the incidents are highly ludicrous and trivial.

There is a five-minute-long cricket match scene in the decisive phase of the flick, which certainly is an added burden for the viewers. The parents in the story behave in a nonsensical manner as if they hobnob with the frivolous treatment of a lackluster tale. Dhyan has a casual appearance as a carefree youth and he never finds room in the list of performers. Anna has shown justice to her tasks in the song sequences than fulfilling her performance as Anjali. Cinematographer Neil D' Cunha has taken an effort to create a number of good visuals, especially in song sequences.

K. R. Rejeesh