Premanjali Review

Writer-director Suresh Narayanan's 'Premanjali' has a run-of-the-mill tale of romance entwined in family milieu. Creatively, the director is intensely immersed in conventional treatment by deploying dramatic sequences and decorative dialogues as tools for narration. On a positive note, Suresh could lend sufficient artistic value to his presentation albeit the story is bereft of freshness and novelty.

Manasi plays Mythili, who belongs to an aristocratic family that boasts of a rich ancestry in the village, and musician Ananthapadmanabhan Swamy (Mohan Sharma) is her grandfather. She falls in love with the servant Kunjunni's (Babu Namboothiri) son Hari, essayed by Haris Kamal. Her cousin Rahul (Mosin Majeed) also has an affair with Hari's sister Meenakshi. Again, we have another budding romance of Anjali, enacted by Jasnya Jayadeesh, with Vishal (Harikesh).

As predictable as it is, Mythili, whose parents are no more, faces stiff resistance from her uncle Balan (Devan) and aunt Bhama (Bhagyalakshmi) for her romance with musician Hari, who is from a financially backward family. Once, an unfortunate incident in the house topples the fate of Hari and Mythili.

Shweta Menon as Subhadra evokes curiosity as a symbol of an individual, whose freedom and ambitions are restricted. Interestingly, she herself slaps restrictions on her and it's a sort of revenge through self-imposed aloofness from everything. As a volatile lover, she bears wounds of her wrongdoings in the past. Shweta could convincingly portray the feelings and frustrations of the character. Among the new faces, Jasnya's performance with ease grabs the eyeballs.

The romance of the teenagers does not go beyond the premise of the large house. The socio-economic chasm between the gentry's family and his subordinate's family forms the major conflicting point of the tale. For a viewer, this trite storyline and melodrama curtail the frontiers of appreciation.

Sudheer. K. Sudhakaran has given adequate visuals that support the ambience of the movie. Going through the emotions of the pangs of lost love, the script fails to deliver a sincere arresting impact. The underlying artistic elegance works well as far as the total effect is concerned.

'Premanjali' is a romantic family drama that bears a cliched plot narrated in a conventional manner. The underlying artistic elegance works well as far as the total effect is concerned. Rating: 2 - K. R. Rejeesh