Arjun Patiala Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2019 | Action, Comedy, Drama, Romantic
This is a mixed bag of nuts, some crunchy, others tasty and also some peanuts that taste a little off. A director and producer listen to the narration of yet another police story. It's a buddy cop story, with baddies and politicians and an editor of the newspaper thrown in for conspiracy. What it lacks in 'conflict' is made up by the silliness played earnestly by the ensemble cast. It's not hi-comedy, but it's a fun watch.
Jul 26, 2019 By Manisha Lakhe

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This film is not a hi-satire like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron where the builder-politics-police nexus is exposed. This is not a Mr. Bean slapstick film with a social commentary. It's a silly fun film that makes you laugh in parts and lets you drink coffee when you watch the very delicious Diljit Dosanjh and a pretty Kriti Sanon romance one another. It's been a while that we've seen quiet moments of romance in a film: the moment when Diljit Dosanjh looks at Kriti Sanon as she wears the dupatta (scarf) on her head when she is about to meet his parents, is worth any love song you have heard in the last couple of years...

Sweet romance apart, the comedic moments though are fun, are too far apart. But the ensemble cast offers moments of laughter that you happily forget when you emerge into the rainy weather.

Mohammed Zeeshaan Ayub is fun with his sardar bun as he plays the small fry called 'Sakool' whose primary business is kidnapping schoolkids. He has a brainless brother called "Anda' (very obviously, a zero at everything). The other two baddies are named Dilbagh and Baldev. Now Arjun Patiala (Diljit Dosanjh) and his buddy/sidekick Onidda (Varun Sharma) have been given the task to eliminate the baddies for the local politician who is named Makkad played well by Seema Pahwa (they call her 'Makkar' or 'Lowlife'). Ronit Roy plays the top cop (who belches loudly and Onidda smells the burp and says, 'Bless that beer' (or whatever alcohol he's had).

But it's also a narration of a film that they're going to make, so they get away by adding slides that check mark 'item song', 'love song', 'song of separation' and so on... Also clever things like an search icon which says 'Searching for Atma... One result found' when the heroine accuses hero of having no soul and he should search for his lost soul...

It makes a change from movies that set out to be cooler than they really are. This film will work in small towns and when you want to escape the rains and watch something for 'timepass'. Lots of happy nuts to munch on...

Manisha Lakhe