Unda Malayalam Movie

Feature Film | U | Action, Thriller | 2h 10min

Unda is a 2019 Malayalam movie directed by Khalid Rahman starring Mammootty, Arjun Asokan, Shine Tom Chacko and Rony David Raj. The movie is produced by Krishnan Sethukumar and the music composed by Prasanth Pillai.

Feature Film
Runtime: 2h 10min
Release Date: June 14 2019 (India)
Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: Malayalam
Director: Khalid Rahman
Producer: Krishnan Sethukumar
Production Company: Gemini Studios Release
Music Director: Prasanth Pillai

Plot: The film narrates the events that occur when a unit of policemen from Kerala reach the Naxalite prone areas in North India for election duty.

Complete Cast & Crew

Critic Rating:
Rating: 7.00 / 10

'Unda' follows the story of a posse of policemen assigned with poll duty in Chhattisgarh. In a remote area where extremists become a threat, the cops realise their lack of exposure and inability to face such a situation. Though hard-hitting in presentation, it may not have the intensity for a gripping tale.
Rating: 7 / 10
- K. R. Rejeesh

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Cast Overview:
Mammootty Manikandan C.P
Arjun Asokan Gireesh T.P.
Shine Tom Chacko Jojo Samson
Rony David Raj Aji Peter
Ranjith Mathews Anthony
Gregory Jacob Varghese Kuruvila
Gokulan Gokulan Balachandran
Dileesh Pothan
Omkar Das Manikpuri Kunalchand
Bhagwan Tiwari Kapil Dev
Noushad Bombay Noushad Ali
Asif Ali Cameo Appearance
Vinay Forrt Cameo Appearance
Kalabhavan Shajon Sam J. Matan
Lukman Lukku Biju Kumar
Sudhi Koppa Cameo Appearance