Pantham Review

Vikranth (Gopichand) undertake a series of robberies targeting Corrupt Minister - Jayendra (Sampath) and Arogya Rao (Jayaprakash). Why are they done and Why are ministers from the government the targeted people? Are they all connected? forms the rest of the story.

Pantham is a story which suits Gopichand's Action image and he walks through the role effortlessly. The Court Scene which comes at the end is the standout performance as he mouths lengthy dialogues easily. He is also presented extremely well especially in the second half. Mehreen is in the film just for the sake of having a heroine. Sampath is routine while Mukesh Rishi is wasted. Prudhvi managed few laughs here and there while Prabhas Sreenu and Srinivas Reddy are alright.

Director Chakravarthy is formerly a writer, as a result, there are some extremely well-written scenes and dialogues. But then, the story he has chosen is the biggest culprit with the shades of Kick and Shivaji written all over it. The director did not even try to show some innovation in the way of robberies. As a result, there is a monotony everywhere. The Second half is a bit better with the Court scene and the flashback. The climax is ended with some powerful dialogues without the routine action.

Finally, Pantham may cater to some masses but Gopichand had let himself down once again by choosing a hollow story in the name of the social message.

(1.5) - NR