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A story about a free school for the poorest of the poor IIT aspirants run by a maverick mathematician ranked by Time and Newsweek as the best in Asia, should have been a hugely inspiring film. It starts out to be fabulous, introducing us to a bright mind and his yearning to become someone. The film crash lands and how! You hate everything about it, especially the brown face that Hrithik applies on his face to look like a small town lad.
Jul 13, 2019 By Manisha Lakhe

No one can deny that Hrithik Roshan is a good looking man. Then why does he have to tone it down by liberally applying the bronzer to look like he is a very poor, small town lad? Can someone tell him that 'brownface' might be insulting? And what's with the eternal hangover with the 'Koi Mil Gaya' mentally challenged act? That run, that confused look when he's concentrating on the math is just wrong when repeated so many times...

But Hrithik in the first half of the film plays the role of Anand Kumar, a math genius quite well. It is character actors though who win your heart. His dad Eeshwar, played by Virendra Saxena is rather sweet and inspiring postman. His brother Pranav played by Nandish Sandhu (great casting, looks like Hrithik's brother in real life) is a great support for his school. Pankaj Tripathi is flawless as the local politician who has his paws deep in the dirt of the business of education. Even Hrithik's dialog coach for the film Manish Kumar Singh has a one minute scene as a policeman who is unable to help protect the brothers against the threat to their lives.

Vijay Verma whom you saw in Gully Boy shines in this film as well as the award winning student of the Super 30 program reminiscing about Anand Kumar (played by Hrithik Roshan), a math genius who could not make it to Cambridge because of poverty.

The best act of course is by the villain. Aditya Srivastava plays Lallan Singh who runs a successful coaching class which becomes even more successful when Anand Kumar begins to teach there.

When Anand realises that the coaching classes are only for the very rich, and that he is contributing to the scam by teaching there, he gives it all up and decides that he will coach 30 poor but bright kids for free.

So far so good. You even hope that you will see something like Stand And Deliver where students from the wrong side of the tracks learn high math by teacher Edward James Olmos... But no! The filmmaker chooses what he thinks is going to work commercially and you facepalm when you see the students turn the film into a hospital version of Home Alone with many stupid baddies out to assassinate the teacher as well as the students.

That half an hour spent on using math to defeat men with guns is perhaps the worst one has seen. It squanders all the goodwill Hrithik and the kids earned in the first half of the film. Of course all 30 students make it to IIT. But you are so disappointed, you want to drown someone in a vat of bronzer...

Manisha Lakhe



SUPER 30 is mathematical, SUPER 30 is magical. SUPER 30 is lovely in its way, SUPER 30 is philosophical. Lovely is the... Show more
SUPER 30 is mathematical, SUPER 30 is magical. SUPER 30 is lovely in its way, SUPER 30 is philosophical. Lovely is the creativity by the cast and crew. The story of ANAND KUMAR is inspiring. THUMPS UP to all!