Blackmail Hindi Movie Review

Feature Film | Comedy
A toilet paper salesman attempts to infuse some life into his marriage and comes home early to find his wife in bed with another man. Instead of confronting them, he chooses to blackmail them. This sets off a series of what ifs and what then scenes that seem super chaotic and funny, but nothing makes you really care. If Irrfan Khan weren't as talented as he is, this film would have fallen apart within fifteen minutes.
Apr 6, 2018 By Manisha Lakhe

The trailer of the film promised a funny, black comedy. And Irrfan Khan's presence in small films has proven to be magical time and time again. He has this ability to bring that extra something to every character he plays. So we swallow the doubt that crops up instantaneously in our heads: Toilet rolls in an India which chooses water over paper? You settle down to watch because you are anticipating fun promised in the trailer and cuckolded husbands make for a great joke.

However, the fun does not last. The silly soundtrack of 'Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose' from Delhi Belly keeps popping up in your head and you realise no matter how many naked butts are knifed, or penguin dustbins are appropriated, this film is not as funny as watching Imran Khan run helter-skelter in a burqa followed by his besties in Delhi.

So Kirti Kulhari is cheating on Irrfan Khan with Arunoday Singh. You wish their illicit relationship were a tad more flamboyant than just an ordinary affair. Remember that exaggerated Aamir Khan character in Delhi Belly? Arunoday Singh is just not cut out for it. But his wife is. Divya Dutta plays the rich drunk wife rather well. She's another bright spot in this chaos, but has very little to do. And her father squeezing Arunoday Singh's cojones is funny maybe for a ten year old...

You wish the Delhi Belly cast had reassembled for Blackmail. They had so much better comic timing. A bunch of friends egging Imran Khan to blackmail and helping him through the ensuing madness would have certainly been so much more fun. And Irrfan Khan stealing photographs to masturbate to in the age of cell phone wallpaper is not remotely funny on screen as it may have been on paper. Suddenly that hateful diarrhea scene in Delhi Belly seems so much classier than watching Irrfan Khan with Bhabi and girlfriend photos. What's worse, is watching Omi Vaidya again on screen, doing the same ole. Who thought of casting him?

So the laugh track in your head goes, 'Haha - thud! Hahaha - thud!'

Things begin to fall flat and crash just as rapidly as bodies. You cannot believe the dark comedy went from black to making you feel so blue so quickly. They should change the contrived flickering neon from the film to say 'this film sucks'.

Manisha Lakhe