Nirdosh Hindi Movie

Feature Film | 2018

Nirdosh is a 2018 Indian movie directed by Pradeep Rangwani and Subroto Paul starring Arbaaz Khan, Manjari Fadnis, Ashmit Patel and Mahek Chahal. The feature film is produced by Pradeep Rangwani and the music composed by Liyaqat Ajmeri and Harry Anand.

Release Info:
January 19 2018 (India)   
Language: Hindi
Directors: Pradeep Rangwani, Subroto Paul

This is story of Gautam Grover and his wife Shinaya Grover who live in Mumbai. Shinaya is content writer on a television... Show more

This is story of Gautam Grover and his wife Shinaya Grover who live in Mumbai. Shinaya is content writer on a television news channel. They have a six year old daughter- Dil. It's a picture perfect family.

Gautam is shocked when Mumbai police arrests his wife Shinaya for a murder charge. Gautam can't believe it. Right before his eyes, they arrest Shinaya and take her away. Their daughter Dil is devastated.

Court grants remand of three days for Shinaya. A strict officer in crime branch- Inspector Lokhande (Arbaaz Khan) is given the charge of the case. During police interrogation, there are many twists and turns in the story.

This murder mystery darkens and undergoes a very big twist when Gautam admits that he is the killer.

When Shinaya comes to know about Gautam's confession, she starts screaming her own confession. She starts saying- 'Gautam is innocent. He is lying. I am the killer...I am the killer.

Now crime branch officer Inspector Lokhande is shocked. He has one murder and two murderers to deal with. Two confessions for same murder!

Who is the real murderer?

Gautam or Shinaya?Or someone else?

The big question still remains… Who was murdered? Whose murder investigation was going on?

A murder mystery that will startle shock and surprise at every turn!

With a climax that will blow anybody's mind!





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Cast & Crew Details:
Arbaaz Khan
Manjari Fadnis
Ashmit Patel
Mahek Chahal
Mukul Dev

Directors: Pradeep Rangwani, Subroto Paul
Producer: Pradeep Rangwani
Production Company: UV Films
Music Directors: Liyaqat Ajmeri, Harry Anand
Background Music Composer: Sanjoy Chowdhary
Song Lyrics Writers: Amit Khan, Shakeel Azmi
Sound Designer: Jitendra Chaudhary
Cinematographer: Arun Prasad
Editor: Sanjay Sankla
Original Story Writer: Amit Khan
Action Choregrapher: Abbas Ali Moghul
Song Choregraphers: Vishnu Deva, Raju Khan

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