Juliet Lover of Idiot Telugu Movie

Feature Film | UA

Juliet Lover of Idiot is a 2017 Telugu movie directed by Ajay Vodhirala starring Naveen Chandra, Nivetha Thomas, Ester Noronha and Abhimanyu Singh. The feature film is produced by Kothapalli Raghubabu and the music composed by Ratheesh Vega.

Feature Film
Release: December 15 2017 (India)
Language: Telugu
Director: Ajay Vodhirala

Cast & Crew Details:
Naveen Chandra
Nivetha Thomas
Ester Noronha
Abhimanyu Singh

Director: Ajay Vodhirala
Producer: Kothapalli Raghubabu
Production Company: Anurag Productions
Music Director: Ratheesh Vega
Cinematographer: Arthur A. Wilson
Editor: SB Uddhav
Original Story Writer: Raj Siva Sadhani